Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 was a blast to watch. After a two-week-long break, Dragon Ball Super resumed, and we were treated to some awesome fighting action. Universe 7, and Universe 11 began their fight as the episode began, and everyone started going all out right off the bat. Goku, and Vegeta are up against Jiren. Gohan, and Android 17 are up against the God of Destruction candidate Toppo.

Meanwhile, Freeza has it easy, because he is facing off against Dyspo. As you can see, the Tournament of Power is heating up, and the final 8 minutes will be incredible. But right now, everyone seems to talk about just one thing. Vegeta’s new form. As you know, Vegeta fought Jiren in Episode 122 of Dragon Ball Super.

He was able to do well against Jiren, considering the fact that Jiren wiped the floor with SSB Goku previously. But, despite his best efforts, Vegeta was defeated. Just as every Vegeta fan got depressed, we got the preview for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, and it was enough to shock everyone, as Goku confirmed that this is not the end of Vegeta. He is going to fight Jiren once more, and this time he is doing so with a new power.

Vegeta has awakened some new form, and right now, it is unknown how he did it. In my opinion, Vegeta awakened it the same way Goku awakened Ultra Instinct. Whis did mention that Vegeta was fighting Jiren so that he could awaken Ultra Instinct. Looks like he got his wish, partially. He may not have gotten Ultra Instinct, but he certainly did get a power-up.

By the looks of it, you can all it ascended Super Saiyan Blue, or maybe even Ultra Blue. When you compare this form with Goku’s Ultra Instinct, it does have some similarities. For starters, Vegeta’s eyes are similar to Goku’s. It is true that the transformation is not Ultra Instinct. But, I think it does have a hint of Ultra Instinct to it. Maybe this is the attacking form of Ultra Instinct that everyone was talking about.

It could also be ascended Super Saiyan Blue as many have said, but I think the change in eyes suggest that it is something related to Ultra Instinct. We haven’t seen any Super Saiyan transformation do this to the eyes. The only transformation that gave off a silver gleam to the eyes was Goku’s Ultra Instinct. I think it is something similar. We just have to wait for a week to see how Vegeta got this form, and why it awakened all of a sudden. So, we’ll just have to wait a little longer for our answers.


Vegeta’s Unique Transformation, ‘Blue Migatte’ Revealed?

Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Vegeta’s new form that we’re going to see next week in Dragon Ball Super. If you watched Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, you would know that Vegeta fought Jiren will all his might, and despite his best efforts, he lost to Jiren. Vegeta’s Final Flash was devastating, yet it did nothing to Jiren.

Instead, we saw that Jiren took out Vegeta with little effort, albeit he was surprised at seeing how powerful Vegeta was. But, it mattered little to him because he did his job of finishing off Vegeta. Or so he thought. Apparently, the Tournament of Power isn’t done with Vegeta yet. He is going to play a major role, and he’s gonna do that in style, with a new transformation.

That’s right. Vegeta is getting a new form in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. As seen in the preview, Goku is trying everything in his hands to defeat Jiren, but everything fails, and he ends up in grave danger. But just then, Vegeta releases a tremendous amount of Ki, and gives off a Blue aura. This transformation has been the talking point in the Dragon Ball community, and we do have a name for it. Fans over at 5ch are calling it “Migatte Blue”, or “Blue Migatte”.

This is similar to how Goku’s Ultra Instinct form was labeled “Limit Breaker”. We don’t know if the form will really be called Migatte Blue in the future, but it certainly is an interesting name.

The reason why this was chosen as the name is because despite being a Super Saiyan Blue transformation, it gives off the same appearance as Migatte no Gokui, or Ultra Instinct.

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