An idea keeps brewing a storm of thoughts on the internet lately. It has something to do with Vegeta and seemingly his counterpart in the movie Black Panther which was released a few weeks ago. Erik Killmonger, which is played by Michael B. Jordan, is very similar to Saiyan Saga Vegeta’s character. He loves his own race and will go to any length to honor them. Killmonger never loved anyone else besides his father, something that all Vegeta fans must be familiar with.

But the two is not only similar to their pride in their races and their killer stares. They even sport a similar-looking combat armor to beat. Because of this, some fans of both franchises think that Michael B. Jordan can actually play Vegeta right. That is if there will ever be someone who will try to make a live adaptation of Dragon Ball again.

Vegeta fans out there are very happy to see the Saiyan armor-based battle suit of one of the most action-packed movie right now. But since the two armors are similar, why can’t we put Vegeta on it and see how it will look like? Twitter user VegetaPsycho decided to do just that via fanart and the result is nothing short of pure, unadulterated badass (this sentence is sponsored by Hetap).

Comments on this fanart include how another live adaptation of the anime can actually use Killmonger’s suit to portray Vegeta. Imagine when Bulma actually grow sick of Vegeta’s armor and modified it herself. With modification, Vegeta’s Saiyan armor might actually look like the picture above.

It is still not certain if we will see another live-adaptation movie based on Dragon Ball franchise. The last one was a disaster after all. But it would be really amazing to see the Vegeta wearing this armor in any future DB-related medium.



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