Everything is starting to get pretty intense in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, with only two Universes left in U11 and U7.That now means that only Frieza, Goku, Android 17, Vegeta and Jiren remain, however; all of the Universe 7 fighters are weakened, with Jiren still fresh and his true power yet to be seen.

However, that doesn’t mean all is lost, especially as Toppo from Universe 11 last week looked unstoppable, yet Vegeta managed to overcome his power and wipe the Pride Trooper out.This now means that there is only one more fighter Universeerse 7 must eliminate in order to win the Tournament of Power and that’s Jiren.


So by Vegeta knocking out the God of Destruction Toppo in episode 126 of Dragon Ball Super, it means that the prince of all Saiyan’s has surpassed the son of Goku in one thing for good.What has Vegeta surpassed Gohan in? Well, it’s anger. Yes, Vegeta has surpassed Gohan in raw emotion, which unlocks a ridiculous amount of power.

In the past anger caused Gohan’s inner power to explode that enabled him to beat Radditz, 2nd Form Frieza and Perfect Cell in the past, however, all has changed.Vegeta was able to channel his emotions for his family and the promise to Cabba, which enabled him to awaken a huge amount of power and defeat the Universe 11 Pride Tropper.


This is the second time that Vegeta has done this in Dragon Ball Super and it was once again against a God of Destruction.Back when Beerus first came down to earth looking for the Super Saiyan God, Beerus mistakenly hit Vegeta’s wife in Bulma and that caused Vegeta to erupt.

Vegeta was able to surpass Goku’s power and beat the crap out of Beerus for a short amount of time.These two circumstances prove that Vegeta has officially surpassed Gohan when it comes to using raw emotion to win in a fight.


[SPOILER] Is Almost Destroyed After The Latest DBS Episode

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super episode 126 is out and it was freakin’ awesome. It was a bundle of joy. I can’t get enough of the episode no matter how many times I watch it. In the episode, we saw Vegeta and Toppo battling each other. The fight was intense as we all had expected. It was a battle between ideals. Toppo who had thrown away his ideals of Justice as he considered justice to be futile if it couldn’t protect his own Universe.

However, Vegeta has his own ideals. He can’t just throw away who he is. It means everything to him. As we saw in today’s episode that Vegeta would do anything to keep his pride and promise as a Saiyan. In the battle that followed, Vegeta used almost all of his energy to use arguably his most powerful attack to knock out Toppo. Toppo used his power of destruction and launched a counter attack to deal with Vegeta’s attack. However, the energy from Vegeta’s attack was just too much for Toppo and his destruction energy to handle.

The result of the collision between the two attacks caused the release of the a huge amount of energy. The explosion from the attacks caused the ring to be broken into half. It was really amazing that the attacks caused so much damage to the ring. Surprisingly, Vegeta survived the attack.

The last time he used this attack, Vegeta was blown up as well. Piccolo explained that Vegeta has come a long way since he used the attack the previous time. He has become much more stronger because of his beyond Super Saiyan Blue form. We still don’t have an official name for Vegeta’s new form, which does seem a tad bit strange.
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