Confirmed: Vegeta’s Major Fight Is Coming

Vegeta Dragon Ball Super

Hey guys. Vegeta is one of the major characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. The Saiyan Prince needs very little introduction as he is adored by the entire Dragon Ball fan base. Vegeta has undergone a lot of changes throughout the series. He started as a villain then he changed into an anti-hero and then he became one of the stars of the show.

Since the start of Dragon Ball Super, we have seen Vegeta get his opportunities.

However, ever since the Tournament of Power began Vegeta looks to have fallen down the pecking order. But, fear not Vegeta fans, we’ve got some really good news for you. According to several reliable sources, Vegeta will soon be getting serious and ready to power up!
We will finally see Vegeta getting a serious fight. The sources have pointed out that Vegeta centred episodes will be coming out in December or January, or it may start in December and end sometime in January.

It is going to a time of pure ecstasy for the fans of the Saiyan Prince. We haven’t got any confirmation who Vegeta will be fighting in those episodes. A popular name that pops up is Jiren The Gray. However many people have divided opinion on this topic. Some believe that it would be fitting if Gokū is the one who takes down Jiren.

The others, including me, would prefer Vegeta facing off against Jiren. But speaking realistically, it doesn’t sound possible. Jiren is the by far the most powerful warrior in the series, and Gokū is the protagonist of the series and it would make sense if Gokū at least reaches the level of Jiren. He may not surpass him, but making Gokū Jiren’s equal is more believable. Vegeta may end up fighting Toppo, who is from the same universe as Jiren.

Then again, it’s just a possibility. I needn’t remind you all that you don’t need to beat the strongest warriors as long as you outnumber them. There are lots of possibilities and I have stated them and each has a decent chance of turning into reality. For now, we can just wait.


Mysterious Angel Spotted In Dragon Ball Super Manga Creator’s Stuff

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super released episode number 115 today. There was a lot of hype surrounding this episode as in the preview, it was stated that Kefla defeats Gokū’s Super Saiyan Blue form. Going into today’s episode, I’m sure all of you were just as tensed as me. There was a possibility that Gokū might actually be beaten and Kefla would take home all the accolades. However, Gokū did something very Gokū-esque. Just as it looked that Gokū’s tournament would come to a close, he unleashed his most recently acquired power. He used the Ultra Instinct or Migatte no Gokui.

I don’t think it should’ve been used just after a few episodes. It loses all the hype and you know coolness. Gokū’s Ultra instinct saved him yet again. However, the overwhelming energy coming from his body has led Jiren to finally awakening from his sleep. However let’s go deep into the world episode. We were able to get a glimpse into Toyotaro’s work…..




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