In Episode 125,  when Beerus says it’s Hakai energy depending on the position he can encircle himself with the energy of destruction. Then we see the rock in the arena get destroyed just by touching Toppo. Krillin horrified “then it’s impossible to directly damage him.”

Vegeta grasped that he couldn’t play around with God Of Destruction Toppo because Toppo’s destructive energy would make Vegeta to be dropped and put Universe 7 on the edge of elimination.

When Toppo stated to Saiyan Prince that he will never succeed as long as he remains to bear stuff like a promise among Saiyan. Charging a new energy blast, he thrusts it at Vegeta but Vegeta declares he will never throw things aside like Toppo. His pride won’t allow him to do that as he declares “I cast aside nothing.”

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

Toppo was relaxing in the power of the Gods and he thought nothing can beat him. Toppo ignores that power simply will not ensure a win and that Vegeta simply has to knock him off the tournament arena.

Vegeta surrounded his punches with some protective barrier of energy to fight against Toppo.

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

Toppo’s energy collides with Vegeta’s, and Vegeta’s energy is able to break out of Toppo’s Hakai and he’s surprised by it.

Breaking through Toppo’s Ki blast, Vegeta strikes Toppo in the face and starts his own offensive. Stating that Toppo can’t maintain himself to be stronger with just this level of power. Vegeta is able to penetrate through Toppo’s Hakai blasts at first, but finally Toppo launches sufficient of these to make a tremendous destruction in the arena.

As Toppo energized a Hakai that could overwhelm Vegeta, then Prince Vegeta drew out the Final Explosion. Despite being a God of Destruction, Toppo couldn’t manage the absolute energy of this technique of Vegeta.

Universe 7 vs Universe 11

Only Jiren continues competing for Universe 11, and the Tournament of Power counts down to it’s concluding four minutes.

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