Hey there Dragon Ball fans we have some brand-new information coming in pretains to Dragon Ball Super episode 119 spoilers, which I do believe will get you guys even more excited.

Dragon Ball Super episode 119 is entitled: “A New Victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!”

The description goes as follows: An invisible enemy! Universe 4’s surprise attack!

With the annihilation of Universe 6, the Tournament of Power has entered its final stage! Universe 4 now begins a surprise attack against Universe 7! How will Goku and company. face this invisible enemy!?

So it looks like it is now officially confirmed, “with the annihilation of Universe 6, Universe 4 springs into action.” Now in case, you guys don’t know this has to be Damom and his twin brother because those are the only two characters that we haven’t seen in the tournament thus far.

But it’s very surprising to me to see how Universe 2 has finally managed to outlast Universe 6. Universe 6 is officially the next universe on the list to be erased and of course in terms of this new victim.

Who is this new victim going to be? It looks like according to spoilers, Goku and company are gonna face off against this invisible enemy, we already know that Damom has the ability to be very microscopic, very tiny.

Of course, they can’t really figure out this location as determined at the beginning of the Tournament of Power. Which I think is gonna be pretty interesting because now after Universe 6’s demise, Quitela is finally springing into action and calling his fighters up to duty in attacking Son Goku and friends.

So let me know what you guys think of all this. This is very crazy how Universe 2 outlasted Universe 6 and considering that Universe 6 had some really heavy hitters and now they’re gone. So the only universes remaining are Universe 7, Universe 11, Universe 2, Universe 3 and of course Universe 4.

In my opinion, the next to be eliminated from Universe 7 has to be Android 18, considering she has an injured ankle and I really can’t see her lasting long, especially if Universe 4 has been observing them, trying to focus, and study the Universe 7 fighters.

Lets not also forget Goku is tired, worn out from his previous fights, however, we still got Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, and also Android 17. Well let me know what you guys think of all this and I will see you in the next one!