Universe 6’s Greatest Mistake: Kefla’s Biggest Weakness

The Potara Fusion has thrown a big impact in the Tournament of Power. Even the other Gods of Destruction with their Gods of Creations, will going to consider lending Potara Earrings to their warriors. Kefla’s power is undeniably great, as she caught Goku off-guard in basically his fastest form with her speed. That actually says a lot about Kefla.

Kefla is at least faster than Gods of Destruction can follow, and basically the two Zenos. Remember Dyspo? Goku on his Super Saiyan God form can somehow battle him. But you can’t describe the shock on Goku’s face when Kefla tried to attack him. It means that basically, Kefla is the fastest being right now in the Tournament of Power (when you exclude Jiren and UI Goku).

But even though Kefla is one of the most amazing warrior right now in the Tournament of Power, she is also one of the riskiest gamble that Universe 6 took. I might say that Kefla one of their biggest mistake so far, the first being Dr. Rota which only became a mere casualty for them.

Kefla, which came from Kale and Caulifla, is only one being because she came from the Potara Fusion. In the moment that Kale and Caulifla fused, one of them was eliminated. Therefore, Universe 6 only has three warriors. Kale and Caulifla is still in the Tournament, but when Kefla fell out of the ring, they will both be eliminated.

And one thing that makes Universe 6 vulnerable is Kefla’s power. Potara fusion brings new and stronger warriors, in a sense that their power will become uncontrollable. Kefla has shown that she cannot still control her tremendous power. This is the reason why the Potara Fusion will be undone in a quicker time, Kale and Caulifla will be diffused earlier than expected.

And not only that, when somehow managed to stay in the tournament after diffusing, they will be out of stamina. They can’t rest and fight like before because in the Tournament of Power, time is one of your enemy. It was already half-over and you can’t really rest in that time to fight enemies like Jiren or Goku, assuming that Goku wouldn’t get eliminated first.


Akira Toriyama Totally Forget About An Important Thing Again

Akira Toriyama might be well known for three things, his Dragon Ball series, the vast war of Canons from fans, and his inconsistent and forgetful mind. Just like what he said in an interview once, Toyotaro knows more about Dragon Ball series than him. And it with memory lapses that even caused Super Saiyan 2 to be forgotten by the creator, it seems like the number one fan will really beat the creator when it comes to Dragon Ball.

Toriyama’s forgetfulness is already a consistent pun in the whole DB fanverse, kinda like that over 9,000 Vegeta meme. Though sometimes it was because of Toriyama’s forgetfulness that makes a concept or a character disappear, sometimes, a concept becomes too useless for the plot to continue being relevant.

dragon ball super episode 114

One of the concepts that are forgotten is the Zenkai Boost, which makes a Saiyan powerful after a near-to-death experience. Power levels, which was a big plot device during the Frieza Saga was also useless now that power scaling is irrelevant in Dragon Ball Super. And even new concepts are being disregarded now in the Tournament of Power.

The concept of God-Ki and its effect is now being depreciated in the Tournament of Power. God-Ki was introduced as the aura that cannot be beaten by standard Ki. The first inconsistency that breaks this concept is when Goku uses God Ki to revive Master Roshi. This is just my thoughts, but if Master Roshi cannot use God-Ki, then Goku cannot transfer God-Ki to him. It would make sense if Goku used the standard Ki, but he was using Super Saiyan Blue back then and SSB uses God Ki.

Another inconsistency is Goku’s fight against

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Akira Toriyama Totally Forget About An Important Thing Again

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