In light of the recent episode I figured it would be the right thing if I did a greatest moments of Universe 6 as a “in memorial” seeing how they faced Zeno’s erasure with pride this week! Right now it’s speculation and theory that Universe 6 and the other erased Universes may be brought back after the Tournament of Power.. In case that doesn’t happen I figured let’s honor their memory in a Greatest Moments from Universe 6 piece!

Now it was incredibly difficult making sure all the memorable moments from Universe 6 are on here dating back when Champa and Vados introduced themselves and their respective Universe. So let’s sit back and discuss the Greatest Moments to come out of Universe 6!

#14: A Battle with Baseball!
I just had to put this moment on here. For some this was just “filler” to others this was seeing our Warriors of Universe 7 and the Warriors of Universe 6 taken out of their comfort zone which made for some amazing moments! From Goku and Vegeta still battling each other with Goku trying to figure out how to pitch. It also showed us how natural it was for Vegeta and Cabba to come together. For once this shown the otherwise not useful Yamcha be the unseen hero for Universe 7! You can’t forget the usual back and forth bickering from Beerus and Champa which is always funny to see!

#13: Beerus gives Champa an Earth like his!
To me this was huge moment among the Twin Brother’s. Beerus would later try and play this off as saying “I did this so he would owe me later” for which Beerus has never called on Champa for that favor.. This shows even tho they fight and bicker back and forth, at the end of the day Beerus and Champa are still Twins and have a certain love and respect for each other. This would also set up some great jokes from Vados about Champa’s weight!

#12: Introduction of Caulifla and Kale!
This was huge in the world of Dragon Ball! Seeing female Saiyans that could transform in to a Super Saiyan! It was shocking to see just how fast Caulifla took to the transformation and just how strong she actually was. Little did we know the real surprise was to come.. Kale and her Berserker form which was very similar to Broly’s transformation which was a huge deal. To know that there was a Saiyan like Broly in another Universe and she is incredibly strong!

#11: Frost’s Deception
For Frieza fans this was a big deal, seeing a Frieza like character in another Universe that was actually a good guy.. Or that’s what Frost wanted everyone to believe who already didn’t know any better. It was still a great moment to see what it would of been like if Frieza was in fact a good guy even if it was short lived and fake. I’m sure everyone in the DB Community was shocked when it seemed like Frost was actually stronger then Frieza being able to eliminate Goku with such ease until we found out it was a poison needle. Frost definitely had us going there..

#10: Universe 6 has Namekians?! Saoneru and Pirina.
In all honestly this was huge for me! This cemented the fact that Universe 6 and Universe 7 are complete mirror’s of each other. Not only did Universe 6 also have Saiyans but they also have Namekians! Not only that but they were smart and actually quite powerful even tho they had a short outing in the Tournament of Power, only seeing them in the final battle which saw to them being eliminated. It was a nice touch that both Saoneru and Pirina found volunteers to do the Namekian Fusion in order to increase their strength.

#9: Cabba Achieving Super Saiyan!
This needs to be on this list! It was shocking just to know that Universe 6 had Saiyans similar to the Saiyans of our Universe 7. It was even more shocking to see that the first Saiyan we see from Universe 6 can turn Super Saiyan so quickly. Yeah, we was inspired by Vegeta threatening to blow up Cabba’s home planet of Sadal, but it was amazing to see that Universe 6 Saiyans can achieve the mighty power of Super Saiyan!

#8: Champa informs Beerus of the Super Dragon Balls!
This was a defining moment in the series of Dragon Ball Super. A lot has been done simply because of these Super Dragon Balls. Think about it, if not for these Super Dragon Balls we would not of gotten a Universe 6 vs Universe 7 Tournament, we wouldn’t of had Goku Black and most of the Future Trunks arc, and now the Super Dragon Balls are helping fuel the Tournament of Power. These Super Dragon Balls have played a big part in Dragon Ball Super and it was all thanks to Champa introducing them to us.

#7: Frost and Frieza.
This was undeniably a huge moment in Dragon Ball Super. Just one little discussion between Frost and Frieza sparked so much concern and theorizing withing the Dragon Ball Community which is what makes this community so great! From the apparent team up of Frost and Frieza to Frieza teaching Frost how to obtain the “Full Power” power up. This had so many people talking about what these two characters that are so a like could do within the Tournament of Power until Frieza showed his true colors and took Frost out of the Tournament himself!

#6: Berserk Saiyan Kale’s new form!
This deserved it’s own spot simply because there was a little more growth to it. Not only did Kale become the “False Legendary Super Saiyan” like Broly she was able to control it! That is HUGE! That’s something we haven’t even seen Broly do. When Kale was able to gain control over her Berserker form was a monumental moment for the shy Saiyan Warrior from Universe 6!

#5: Hit and Goku team up!
This was a dream come true for a lot of fans. Most of us knew if there was ever going to be a team up of Goku and the Legendary Assassin Hit it would be in the Tournament of Power! Not only did this show that Goku and Hit can team up and work together, but this also showcased that Goku can in fact use the original Super Saiyan God transformation when he wants to. This was a great moment and it would not of happened if not for Universe 6!

#4: Vegeta takes on his first Pupil- Cabba!
I personally think this shook the core of the Dragon Ball Community. People can say “It’s normal for Vegeta to take to other Saiyan’s besides Goku” but I think that’s false. Why? Well Vegeta has never warmed up to ANY other Saiyan besides Cabba. That includes Gohan, Goten and barely even his own son Trunks. You always see Vegeta putting his son down, and telling him to train elsewhere. You don’t see any of that when it comes to Vegeta and Cabba. Vegeta took to being Cabba’s master right away and since their fight as always thought of making Cabba stronger. Hence why Vegeta is shown to be mad after Cabba’s erasure.. Say what you want, the Saiyan Prince has a soft spot for Cabba.

#3: Hit and Goku’s battle- U6 vs U7.
This Tournament was huge for so many reasons! For one, simply because we haven’t seen a new Tournament for quite some time. Better then that it was the introduction of characters such as Hit, Cabba, Frost, Magetta, etc.. Which easily became favorites of fans everywhere. Hit setting the stage for a final clash with Goku after making quick work of Vegeta was big! This was a battle unlike anything we have seen previous in Dragon Ball. Also it was the place where Goku would showcase for the first time his Super Saiyan Blue with Kaioken! From then on the battle was fast paced and amazing!

#2: The appearence of Kefla!
This was absolutely ground breaking for the Tournament of Power! Seeing two already strong Saiyans fuse using the Potara Earrings was crazy! Then we got to see how strong Kefla really was! Being able to hold her own, and even at times getting the edge on Goku in Super Saiyan Blue. It took Goku using his latest form Ultra Instinct in order to eliminate the force that was Kefla.

#1: Champa and Vados arrive and Challenge Beerus!
I needed to make this number 1! Without this happening we wouldn’t of had ANY of the other events on the list from Universe 6. This meeting between Champa, Vados Beerus and Whis is what set the tone for the encounters between Universe 6 and Universe 7. This also had a lot of the people in the Dragon Ball Community speculating if the other Universes mirror each other like Universe 6 and Universe 7 does, and if not why? This was the most monumental moment from Universe 6 in the Dragon Ball Series.

What are your thoughts? What are your favorite moments? Did I miss any? Keep the discussion going by leaving your ideas and opinions in the comments down below. Thank you for joining the conversation!