The preview of episode 119 is saying a lot about Universe 4 fighters, and I think two fights are happening at the equal time. We will have Shantsa mainly battling Gohan and Piccolo then the two hidden opponents will be on the move versus the rest of Universe 7.

Shantsa is using his unique abilities to cause shadow clones of warriors that were erased. As we remember from Whis stated that Universe 4 is known for possessing exceptional critical skills and they have been maintaining back their trump cards for the last part of the tournament.

With only 13 Min left that time is now and the key to recognize is power alone won’t succeed here and Shantsa creating shadow clones along with other techniques could prove very troublesome. Then it looks like all the other competitors can’t avoid attacks from the hidden opponents as we see most of them being taken entirely by surprise. So with these invisible enemies that have gone undetected so far, there is going to be a big reveal in their abilities, and they can do a lot more than just stay hidden.

We see this time where Quitela who is such a tricky God acting out on purpose to attract Beerus into thinking they are in a wrong spot. Only to the right after Beerus says something we get that zoomed in thought like you think you understand what is about to happen. It will be here at this point where Universe 7 will suffer some casualties from the very unusual abilities of Universe 4.

It is excellent that in the tournament Gohan and Piccolo had that particular time fighting together to showcase what they can do. Now that has occurred, and Piccolo is still in there I believe that Gohan won’t be able to save him another time. I do think the crazy abilities of Shantsa’s shadow clones as well as who grasps what other ability he has will drop Piccolo.

Then on the other side of situations, we will have a fighter taken by surprise and eliminated by the assault of the invisible warriors. Who here is more tricky as it is apparent anyone can be made off guard by them.
When was the time you saw Android 17 take a surprise blast and everyone literally be taken off their feet?

So we could have a significant eliminating, and I don’t think it will be Vegeta only cause he hasn’t had a central fight yet. So we could lose either of the Androids at this time as they both had some great showtime lately and I can see both of them sacrificing themselves to protect and save Goku while in his weakened state.

The question is what is the counter-attack to Universe 4 and does someone else get involved?
Do the Universe 3 warriors attack Toppo and Dyspo?
Does any of the other Universes feel frightened by these invisible fighters and decide to try and defeat them?

This is going to be craziness from here on out.


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