During the span of time leading up to the Tournament of power, Universe 4’s God of Destruction was very active. Quitela turned Universe 9 to attack Frieza before the Tournament of Power, as well as try and convince the other universes to team-up upon Universe 7.

However, since that point, Universe 4 has been entirely laid back up till now. They do not strike aggressively, avoiding the spotlight if needed.

After Grand Priest Said Potara Fusion is Allowed, The Kaioshin of Universe 4 and Universe 3 says their warriors do not need the Potara earrings.

In the manga, it has been revealed that the God of Destruction that is said to be powerful than Beerus is Quitela, who is a Destroyer of Universe 4. As that is the universe’s God of Destruction that beat Beerus in an arm wrestling match. Also, it isn’t clear if that means this mortal is in the Tournament or not, it’s just that this mortal is possible in Universe 4.



It is possible that the Mysterious brothers Damom and Gamisaras can fuse without Potara earrings or maybe they don’t even need fusion to defeat other warriors.

Damom and Gamisaras supposed to have the similar powers like disappear and emerge out of nowhere also appear from the ground whenever they want to. They can use suicide strikes while waiting for the opponent and target at the counter using their unique techniques. And Like a real cicada, they can shed their skin, leaving an empty shell.

The other fighter is Shantsa who is quite mysterious till now.

I feel that the Twin brothers will be crucial in Tournament, but let’s not ignore Shantsa. There must be a reason why this mysterious being managed to stay in the arena for this long.

He hasn’t been seen fighting much, but apparently, he is good at keeping himself in the arena.

During Jiren vs. Goku, match the Only Shantsa of Universe 4 and Hit of Universe 6 are unfazed by Jiren’s powerful winds.In episode 119 most probably we will see a fight of Shantsa.



Dragon Ball Super EP 116: Jiren Awakens, Is He Afraid Of Goku?

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super has shown Kefla’s power that terrifies even the Gods of Destruction. It was so huge that Kefla’s Kiai was as strong as the impact of Jiren’s sudden punch to Maji Kayo. Kefla’s power was even enough to make Jiren’s eyes twitch during his meditation. If Goku is eliminated and Kefla remains in the tournament, it is possible that Jiren will stop meditating at last and take the matters into his hands.

As Kefla was about to finish Goku, a miracle once again happened and the Universe 7 Saiyan got his silver eyes back with the comeback of the Ultra Instinct. Kefla realized that she was once again in trouble. It seems like Kefla will not be able to land an attack against Goku on her form right now. That is why she will get all her best moves (and will add some new) to throw it to Goku. She is expected to power up further in the next episode.

But the biggest thing in this episode is Jiren waking up from his meditation. Perhaps, it is because of Kefla’s huge increase in power that will bring uneasiness to the Pride Trooper. Or perhaps, it is because of Goku being able to tap into Ultra Instinct again even without the use of a catalyst such as a Genki Dama.

And this thing right now is something terrific that even Beerus seem to want to fight Goku. Of course, it is still unknown if UI Goku vs Beerus would still happen, with the Universe 7’s fate being unsure right now. But there is surely something about the second appearance of Goku’s Ultra Instinct that even Whis, the only person that……