The hype for Ultra Instinct is at its peak ever since the last episode of Dragon Ball Super was released. Goku discarded Ultra Instinct Omen and became the first mortal to achieve Mastered Ultra Instinct. He was able to beat Jiren within just a few seconds after having this form. However, the preview of episode 130 seems to reveal that another mortal might’ve achieved the form before. Are we going to see Ultra Instinct Jiren in the next episode?

Ultra Instinct Jiren

The first indication that Jiren already got an Ultra Instinct is when he avoided the flying Kachin-Kachin that was going in his direction. With the level of his power, it is not impossible that Jiren already achieved Ultra Instinct, and he seems to show that during the Kachin-Kachin incident even before the tournament started. But his power seems to be similar than Whis rather than Goku’s.

This might be Jiren’s Ultra Instinct Omen mode, in which he isn’t glowing or emitting heat because he can contain it inside of his body. With his colossal Ki, there is no doubt that Jiren is better than Goku in controlling Ki. All these time, Jiren’s Ki feels different from other contestants. This might be the reason: he is already in Ultra Instinct Omen mode even before fighting against Goku.

Jiren Ultra Instinct

Maybe he never mastered it before, or maybe he’s trying to make it his last resort, but Ultra Instinct Jiren in mastered form might be the form he will use to fight MIU Goku. His eyes were never red or silver, but his Ki is identical to that of Goku’s. Then again, it might be because of their different anatomy that is why Jiren never had changes in his eye appearance. Either way, Jiren’s new form will be revealed next episode. If it is not Ultra Instinct, then it might be a form of equal relevance.


    • It is not confirmed yet. However, there’s a possibility that he can transform to UI.
      That explains a lot of things about Jiren’s power ^^

  1. I just recalled that Jiren’s eye glare is similar to universe 7 supreme Kai’s, supreme Kai used eye glare to destroy a ki attack against Gohan in Buu saga.


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