Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about Ultra Instinct, and more specifically, Goku in Ultra Instinct. As you all are aware by now, Ultra Instinct is a state that not even the Gods can achieve easily. However, it is one that isn’t just limited to the gods.

Even mortals can attain this state, but it is extremely hard to get this power, as the only mortal to be able to use it is Goku. It allows a person’s body to react to each and every movement on its own. The user doesn’t even need to think about the movements. It happens unconsciously, and that’s why this form is considered to be deadly. Not even the God of Destruction of Universe 7, Beerus, has mastered this form completely yet. However, Goku has already used it twice in the Tournament of Power. Once against Jiren, and the second time against Kafla.

He was able to attain great power both times, yet there is a big weakness of Goku when he is in Ultra Instinct. He cannot attack as well as the form allows him to. This form is literally something that should make Goku a character above the level of a God of Destruction.

However, what holds him back is his weak attack. Goku can dodge as well as the form offers, however, he can’t quite pack a punch yet. This was first noticed in the fight against Jiren, where his Kamehameha wave, wasn’t really able to damage Jiren at all. Against Kafla, the same thing happened again, and Whis explained that Goku thinks too much before attacking, which is why his attacks aren’t quite as strong as they should be.

Goku needs to overcome this weakness, and he looks to be slowly getting better at using Ultra Instinct. He was able to hurt Jiren with his punch easily in Episode 128, which wasn’t possible before that. However, to completely eliminate this problem, Goku needs to master Ultra Instinct completely. While it is nearly impossible for people to master Ultra Instinct within 48 minutes, Goku actually made it possible.

According to spoilers for Episode 129 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku is finally going to enter the new form, called Mastered Ultra Instinct. This form is slightly different in appearance, as Goku has silver hair instead of the regular black. However, the biggest difference is that this form doesn’t only dodge. According to spoilers, it evades everything, and then counterattacks. I’m assuming that’s the full power of Ultra Instinct, and that’s basically how Goku can defeat Jiren.


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