The latest back to back episodes was mainly focused on Goku vs Jiren, and the power that Jiren has, and also Goku’s new power as well! It was a huge moment in the Dragon Ball Community when Goku was able to use the “Ultra Instinct” technique and seeing the reactions from the God’s to Goku’s ability to use this even for a brief moment!

Was there something else that happened that we should of noticed? It seems in the last episode we catch a small glimpse of the Universe 6 Namekians! We finally got a shot of them on screen, and I personally cannot wait to see what their like and what their capable of! Yeah, many can say their just Namekians and if you look at other Namekians besides Piccolo from our Universe their really nothing special.. Would they really be picked for the Tournament of Power if they didn’t have something to offer..


Any Dragon Ball fan with high curiosity has been thinking about these Namekians from Universe 6 since they were leaked being on the Team for Universe 6! Personally, the mystery around these Namekians is if there a lot like Piccolo, aside from the regeneration. Are these Universe 6 Namekians going to be evil, good, somewhere in the middle? Also, would they have a back story? Everyone else from Universe 6 that has shown to be significant like Hit, Kale, Caulifla, and Cabba we have been shown back story.. Will these Namekians from the same Universe play the same role or importance?

Hopefully these Universe 6 Namekians are not shown to be weak, petty characters of no real importance.. There has been a lot of mystery around these characters, and the writers have waited a long time to have these Namekians from Universe 6 be shown on screen. So hopefully we see something good out of these characters and our characters from Universe 7! Maybe something like Universe 6 Namekians vs Gohan and Piccolo..

What are your thoughts on the Universe 6 Namekians? Do you think they will play an important part in the Tournament for Universe 6? Keep the conversation going by leaving your opinions and thoughts in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


Is This The Last Time We’ll See Goku’s Ultra Instinct In Tournament Of Power?

Goku was badass during the Ultra Instinct state. I personally think that Goku literally surpassed all the Gods of Destruction in that moment, even Beerus. But even though Goku became the other mortal that surpasses a God of Destruction, he might not be able to do that again in the Tournament of Power.

Like I said, Goku might not be seen in his Ultra Instinct mode in the Tournament of power. A spur of the moment like that will be hard to replicate the second time. And another thing to consider is Goku’s ability to gather energy again. Even though his teammate is still willing to lend him some energy, his body might not hold down the strain from the transformation if he plans to transform once more.

And besides, even if Goku regained strength to make another Spirit Bomb, I doubt that he will still have the strength to play reverse tug of war against Jiren. That part is very essential, as the bursting of the Spirit Bomb was because of Jiren and Goku’s colliding powers. That’s just how things work in Dragon Ball Super.

I think it is a little bit early for Goku to have the Ultra Instinct form, Gohan doesn’t still have something major happening yet, as well as Vegeta and the Androids. Piccolo is still…