U3’s Ultimate Weapon, The Androids Are Gonna Betray U7?

Hey everyone! Today, I am going to share an interesting theory with you all, that’s been doing rounds all over social media, and I thought out that it was really good. Before I continue, keep in mind that this is only a test. It may or may not be true, but there is a chance it might actually happen. So, I am warning you of potential spoilers. If you don’t like being spoiled, then I suggest you stop reading the post. But, if you don’t mind then, let’s continue.
As you can see from the title of the post, this theory is about Universe 3, and their trump card against Universe 7, which nobody even expected.

Universe 3 is one of the last 3 remaining Universes in the Tournament of Power, along with Universe 11, and Universe 7. They have 4 warriors left, as of now, and the next two episodes will be focused on them.

Spoilers for episode 120 suggest that Universe 3 will be up against Universe 7, and they’ll come with all their might. It seems Universe 11 won’t be doing anything in the Tournament of Power for the next couple of episodes. Goku and the rest might have some trouble dealing with Universe 3 warriors, but it looks like Gohan will take the center stage. However, after that, Universe 3 will reveal their trump card very soon.

Their trump card is called Aniraza, which will appear in Episode 121 of Dragon Ball Super. Aniraza is said to be made up of 4 parts, and a fusion of Universe 3’s robots. Koitsukai would be the arm, Borareta would become the legs and the lower half of the body, while Panchia would be the head.

A big confusion is about the 4th part of Aniraza, who is unknown at the moment. This is where the idea of one of the Androids being used comes in. Both of the Androids are still in the Tournament of Power right now, and it will be shocking if one of them actually does get manipulated by Universe 3. Now the key person here is Paparoni, another member of Universe 3.

Paparoni is probably the leader of Universe 3’s team, and he’s the one who controls them, most likely. So, if anyone actually does get manipulated, it will be thanks to Paparoni. I think 18 is likely to get manipulated, because she isn’t in the preview for Episode 121. This is a very interesting theory in my opinion. However, just like all other theories, I’m not sure if it will actually happen or now. But, the idea is very interesting.


Android 17’s Real Power Revealed In Dragon Ball Super Latest Manga

Android 17 is one of the most active Universe 7 members since the beginning of Tournament of Power. He has been appearing on several rough times to smoothen out the rough patches for U7. His sticky electric barrier has proven to be an effective protective and offensive asset. But how capable really is Android 17?

It was previously assumed that Android 17 is near SSB level. He fought with SSB Goku equally during their first actual match. Sure there is still Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, which means that Android 17is actually far from reaching Goku’s real power. But being on Blue tier means you’re already at a Godly level.

However, the Dragon Ball Super manga seems to deviate away from this conclusion. In the manga, the Universal Survival saga is just starting and Goku is doing his recruitment job. He successfully recruited Krillin and Android 18, who was interestingly watching Satan’s movie about his supposedly battle against Cell. Just like in anime, Goku started finding Android 17 with the help of Dende and Kami’s Lookout Mobile.

In the manga, during Android 17 and Goku’s fight, it was revealed that Goku doesn’t need to turn SSB to get Android 17’s attention. In fact, the highest transformation that he performed is Super Saiyan 3. There are two things that we can get from this manga deviation. The first one is that Android 17 will get a huge nerf in the manga.

Of course, there will be a lot of changes if that happens. The most noticeable for me is his fight against Ribrianne. Since he might be nerfed, his fight with Ribrianne will be a lot harder. Things will really change in the duration of Tournament of Power if he will get the nerfing that I see. The second one is that Android 17 will reveal his true power later in the manga.

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Android 17’s Real Power Revealed In Dragon Ball Super Latest Manga

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