The Tournament of Power, the greatest Tournament yet to come in the whole anime world, is near it’s conclusion. We are all waiting for the great Jiren vs Goku fight, with Goku on his Ultra Instinct mode. But before the final fight, let us look back and see the top five fights of Tournament of Power.

10. Goku and Vegeta VS Universe 9

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Goku and Vegeta (with Frieza’s special participation) erased an entire universe during the beginning of the Tournament of Power. Being the ultimate duo even from the start, they had shown their skills in fighting. However, what’s special in this fight is that it demonstrated perfectly how a battle royale should work.

9. Ribrianne and Rozie VS Android 17 and Android 18

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Android 17 and Android 18 might not be as powerful as Goku and Vegeta, but they are also regarded as one of the best duos in the Tournament of Power. They have a powerful teamwork in every battle they shared. But the best battle they shared was against Rozie and Ribrianne.

8. Hit and Goku VS Dyspo and Kunshi

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This fight is the best speed-fight in the Tournament of Power. Hit had shown how he can be the best tactician and how he can endure attacks. This is also the first and the last time Goku and Hit team up for a fight.

7. Vegeta and Master Roshi VS. Frost and Auta Magetta

The fight is brief and concise, and this is why this was included in this list. The fight choreography is nice and it only uses minimal repeated fight scenes. It was overall a sweet reminiscence of good ‘ol DBZ fight scenes, only faster.

6. Goku VS. Jiren (First fight)

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Even though this fight is kinda disappointing because of all the unnecessary commentaries, the animation is quite good during the first attacks. It was actually good until the fight became repeated Gifs and just circles. It deserves a little push because of the Ultra Instinct’s first appearance.

5. Hit VS. Jiren

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Jiren and Hit’s fight actually had fighting scenes, that is why this fight is higher than Jiren vs. Goku. Even though Hit was over-classed by Jiren, he was able to make Jiren suffer, albeit just for a while, with hi time-skip. If he has more power and stamina, Hit could’ve succeeded in containing Jiren.

4. Piccolo and Gohan VS Saonel and Pirina

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This battle is not one of the most aesthetically appealing, but the timing works like a charm. Gohan and Piccolo’s teamwork is also superb, while Saonel and Pirina themselves have shown us wonderful combos. Although the whole fight was cut a lot of times just to make Goku appear, the movement of the battle never slowed down.

3. Kefla vs Goku

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This battle is probably one of the most eye-catching, if not the most. The animation is superb at any angle, the fight choreography is decent and the repeated animations was kept at minimal. If not because of the plot’s limitations, I would’ve loved to see more of Ultra Instinct Goku and SSJ2 Kefla.

2. Anilaza VS Universe 7

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Anilaza made something that Universe 7 cannot do before fighting him: teamwork. In this fight, we have seen the Universe 7 working with each other perfectly. Even Frieza lend a hand to his most hated bunch of monkeys and friends. We owe this guy a good time.

1. God of Destruction Toppo VS. Universe 7

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Toppo is so far the strongest person in the Tournament of Power if you count Jiren out. Vegeta needs to use all of his stamina just to make sure that Toppo would be defeated. He even trashed Frieza, who thought he could dispel Toppo’s hakai. Android 17 did quite well against Toppo, but he was still no match for him.


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