Huge series, such as Dragon Ball and it’s expanded shows has a huge fanbase all over the world in the past decades. Dragon Ball Super is adding a new generation of fans to the series. With a huge fanbase, the series has generated a lot of memes. That are being used inside and outside the show. With Vegeta taking up the meme master. Here are the top five Vegeta memes throughout the years.


5. Vegeta Under The Rain Meme

This picture of Vegeta under the rain has been used for various memes. The picture is widespread in the memes, which seem to have the “I-don’t-deserve-this” theme. Well, it’s a fitting picture for these kinds of memes and admit it, you have seen this picture being used quite frequently.

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4. Crying Vegeta

Vegeta is one of the most badass characters in the series. Which makes him appear more manly than Goku, and other characters. That’s why, when he cries, you can’t really ignore this memorable moment. This photo is usually seen alongside the crying in the rain picture.

Or something silly that will make Vegeta’s pride crumble.


3. Vegeta’s Disgusted Face

Ribrianne might’ve been something, because she was able to change Vegeta’s usual poker face into something like this. No caption is needed to make this picture epic, because Vegeta’s face tells it all. Come to think of it, Vegeta has been doing a lot of these kind of expressions in Dragon Ball Super lately.

2. Sliding Vegeta

This picture became the catalyst of high quality memes back in the time, when Katopesla was eliminated and Universe four hidden warriors started to move. Someone even made an Ultra Instinct Vegeta out of this picture.

1. Over 9,000!

Image result for vegeta over 9000

This is Vegeta’s most known meme of all time. There’s no question needed to be thrown, because the evidence is clear. It even made it’s way to things outside the Dragon Ball realm. There’s no doubt it’s the most popular DB meme.


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