We can all say that not all elimination in the Tournament of Power is great. There are lame ones that are needed to be erased in the whole Top history. Here are the top five eliminations of Top that were obviously there to fill up the time. If you have more suggestions, please leave a comment.

5. Universe 9 Sorrel

Remember when Frieza was so bored and he decided to toy up with weaker characters? This is when the Universe 9 was having their all-out attack against Goku and Vegeta. Bat guy was no match for Frieza. He was tortured by the Ice-jin until he decided to fly out of the stage and eliminat himself.

4. Caway of Universe 4

Master Roshi took almost all the Universe 4 members singlehandedly. If there is an exception, that would be Caway, the girl from Universe 4.

The muten prepared for the Tournament of Power by suppressing his perversion, so that it won’t get in his way. But when Caway tried to exploit this weakness, Master Roshi threatened her that he will make her his wife. Out of fear, Caway ran away until she fell out of the stage.

3. Krillin of Universe 7

Together with Android 18, Krillin was having a winning streak in the early minutes of Tournament of Power. He was doing good. Considering the fact that he’s Krillin and that his curse of being owned runs way back to the ancient Dragon Ball.

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Just when we thought that Krillin will be doing more in the Tournament of Power, he was eliminated. After his Final Fantasy-esque post-battle celebration, Frost tail-smashed him. Krillin was the first ever Universe 7 member to get eliminated.

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2. Piccolo of Universe 7

As Gohan’s master, and as a Namekian (that can stretch his limbs and arms as he wishes), Piccolo’s elimination is the lamest among all Universe 7 eliminations. It makes me wonder if Akira Toriyama remembers when he said that Piccolo is his favorite character.

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He was successful in eliminating the invisible person of Universe 4. However, he failed to eliminate Universe 4’s other hidden warrior. He was eliminated because he let his guard down. That is a very unusual thing from Piccolo. And he is also the lamest elimination from Universe 7 yet.

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  1. Katopesla of Universe 3

The most beloved policemen of Universe 3, Katopesla shared some characteristics from Universe 11, like the love of justice. He was the most popular Universe 3 character until Anilaza came and took the center stage. Though there is no mistaking that his most highlighted fight is against Vegeta.

Just like Piccolo, he was caught off-guard by Universe 4’s hidden warriors. Being a gag reliever, viewers were sad to see him go. Although his elimination was lame. He still managed to leave some impact in the Tournament of Power.

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