5 Fights That Totally Needs To Happen In Tournament Of Power

With there being 80 participants in the Tournament of Power there’s the potential for so many epic, weird, funny, down right crazy fights happening in the Tournament of Power. We have already seen some amazing fights such as Dyspo vs Goku and Hit, Android 17 vs Sanka Ku, and Kale raging, or when she learned to control her “berserker form” with Caulifla vs members of the Pride Troopers.

That being said there are so many great fights that we need to see. How possible are these fights going to happen? Some very likely, and some if were lucky. They have set the ground work for these fights, and would be a great way to take a break from all the Goku we have been seeing. Nothing against Goku, but we all know the end of this Tournament of Power is going to be ALL Goku, so showcase other characters a little more with some of these fights!

Cabba vs Vegeta!
Yes, we need to see Cabba vs Vegeta 2! We have seen Cabba very little during the Tournament of Power when you compare to how much we have seen of his other teammates like Kale, Caulifla, and Hit. The one time we really saw Cabba, he was appearing out of a cloud of smoke, threatening Vegeta that Cabba will Eliminate his Master, Vegeta while eliminating 2 other participants. Now, with Cabba knowing about “Super Saiyan Blue” and the power it has, why was Cabba so confident that he could win against Vegeta this time? We need to see them face off against each other one more time, and find out why Cabba was so confident!

Piccolo vs Saonel/Pilina
This fight, just like the Cabba vs Vegeta is another “need to see” fight! Knowing that there are Namekians from Universe 6, and that they are in the Tournament of Power was huge! Immediately everyone wanted Piccolo and Gohan to come across these Universe 6 Namekians. We need to see what these Namekians are like. Are they like our Namekians? Do they have the same techniques and abilities as ours? Most importantly we need to see the reaction and introduction between these Universe 6 Namekians and Gohan and Piccolo. There are so many questions surrounding these Namekians that need answering and all of it can be answered by a 2 on 2 fight between Gohan and Piccolo and these Universe 6 Namekians!

Gohan vs Toppo!
I put this one on here cause it would be the “Battle of Ultimate Justice!”. Think about it, Toppo being the leader of the Pride Troopers, being the symbol of Justice, and then Gohan who is also the “Great Saiyaman!”. They would have the ultimate battle of posses, and justice! Also it would show us just what Gohan is capable of and if Gohan can improve as quick as he needs to. Also this fight would show us just what Toppo is capable of. We only saw a sneak peek of what Toppo is capable of with his battle against Goku in the Zen Exhibition Match. This fight would be a great way to show just what both fighters can do! Also to see Toppo’s reaction to Gohan being Goku’s son seeing how Toppo has sworn Goku as the enemy!

Frieza vs Frost!
This is one that (probably) won’t happen but would still be nice to see! The reason for this is because Frieza seems to be the superior of the 2, but for the most part both Frieza and Frost are quite similar. Both transform and evolve the same. Even tho both Frieza and Frost seem to of made a pact together, would be nice to see our Emperor of the Universe turn on Frost and show everyone why Frieza is the “Ultimate Space Pirate!”. Just imagine Frost’s reaction to Frieza’s Golden Form! What if Hit trained Frost and he unlocked something similar? The writers could set this up to be the ultimate show down between Space Pirates!

Jiren vs Hit!
Last but certainly not least is Jiren vs Hit! Now why is this a “must see fight”? Hit has been shown as someone that can basically over come anything that is put in front of him. Even when Dyspo has the advantage over Hit, Hit improved and eventually got the upper hand on Dyspo. This allowed all of us to see what Dyspo is truly capable of, with lightning fast speed and probably better hearing then Piccolo Dyspo lives up to the hype. Hit could provide the same thing when it comes to Jiren. We have seen very LITTLE when it comes to Jiren and what he can do. Besides having amazing senses, accurate aim and blinding speed similar to the “Instantaneous Movement Technique”, we don’t really know much about him. Hit would be a great opponent for Jiren with Hit’s “Time Skip” and “Dimensional Attacks” would be a good challenge for Jiren and a chance to see what Jiren can do before Jiren is finally confronted by Goku.

So what do you all think? What fights do you really want to see? What fights on this list do you think will happen? Leave all your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments down below. As always thanks for reading!


Fans Wants To See These Transformations In Dragon Ball Super

Being fans of Dragon Ball we know Transformations are a vital part in the series to increase the gap of power for a Villain like Frieza, to jump the gap for our Heroes to combat the challenge at the time, or basically just the shock factor that comes with it.

We have had so many incredible Transformations in the series of Dragon Ball from the first time Goku turned in to a Great Ape in Dragon Ball, or when Gohan did the same in Dragon Ball Z, or when Goku for the first time turned in to at that time the “Mythical Super Saiyan”, or more recently the new Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, especially when Vegeta showed that he also obtained the Transformation!

Needless to say Transformations have played a very important part in the series. So this is a list of “The Transformations us fans would like to see in Dragon Ball Super”.

I want to get the one Transformation that has been confirmed out of the way. Goku’s new Transformation! Even if you think it looks corny, deep down we all wanted Goku to get a new Transformation or Power up. Especially if Jiren is this “Mortal who is stronger then a God of Destruction”, Goku would need a Transformation to jump the gap of power between himself and Jiren. Let’s all hope this Transformation lives up to the hype.

Next, for people who need to get a new/alternative Transformation is Vegeta! Vegeta has always been 2nd best and always shown to always be inferior to Goku, so instead of Goku showcasing the Super Saiyan God Transformation for the first time in the Tournament of Power it would of been a great moment for Vegeta to of showcased it instead of Goku, I know Dragon Ball is the “Goku Show” but that still isn’t a reason to continue to skip over Vegeta when they have given other characters then Goku their moments to shine like Gohan defeating Cell. Vegeta desperately needs his big moment and what better time to do it then during the Tournament of Power?

Another Transformation we really want to see is Gohan. Now before people rage, hear me out. Now there are some hints to support Gohan could be getting some new Transformation. Hint 1: All the way back in Dragon Ball Z, when the Elder Kai is giving Gohan his Mystic form mentioned that we still don’t know EVERYTHING about this form other then its incredibly strong. Hint 2: In Super when Piccolo was re-training Gohan to get his fighting spirit back said to Gohan “This isn’t even your full Potential, you could go much higher”. Lastly Hint 3: In Super when Gohan is fighting/sparing with Goku, Gohan tells Goku that “He wants to obtain and master a form different then anybody else”. Looking at that you would think this “Mystic” form when fully mastered could come with a new Transformation.

This next one may upset people but I would like to see Cabba get Super Saiyan 3. First, let me explain. It would be nice to see the nicer, Vegeta version of Universe 6 be the warrior with the higher power out of the Saiyans in Universe 6. It would almost be like an alternative Universe where Vegeta is the main Hero. It would give Vegeta fans that chance to see what it would look like if Vegeta was the main Hero. I think the writers did a horrible job with skipping Cabba in terms of power so far seeing how he was the original Super Saiyan of Universe 6. Cabba was looking really confident when we all saw him last confronting Vegeta in the Tournament of Power. Cabba has to still know the power of “Super Saiyan Blue” so maybe Cabba did unlock a Transformation to jump the gap of power.

Lastly, the person in desperate need of a Transformation or the very least a Power up is Piccolo. Piccolo has been an original character and if not for him in some very key moments, our Universe 7 warriors may of not made it here. Piccolo hasn’t been relevant since the Android Arc until Cell reached his Perfect Form.

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