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This Might Be The Reason Of Jiren’s Unbelievable Power!

Jiren is now the most powerful mortal in the whole multiverse. Even the Gods of Destruction who witnessed his power were very surprised by what they saw. And not only that, he appears to be something more than a God of Destruction. He might’ve been achieved something that only some have achieved.

Ultra Instinct is the state that was introduced in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. This is a state where a person doesn’t have to think twice or even once before attacking or blocking. A person who has achieved this form does not only attain strength on his fighting style, but it also enhances defense by accurate blocking and dodging.

Goku attained that in the Tournament of Power out of desperation for his life. He absorbed the Spirit Bomb and was able to reach that state that even the Gods cannot get easily. Though I am not really surprised by Goku’s extraordinary feats. Why? I have seen it already, and not even just through Whis.

That’s right, Jiren seem to have that power already, the Ultra Instinct. His movements are similar to Goku’s movements. While Goku is the exception to the rule, Jiren and Whis has attained it and mastered the art of accessing it at will. While Goku got his version in the sudden burst of power from the Spirit Bomb, Whis and Jiren got a colossal amount of Ki already that they didn’t need to transform just to attain Ultra Instinct.

Here’s a catch on Jiren’s side: while Whis is an Angel, Jiren is still a mortal. Jiren needs to save his energy as being in that state drains the user’s Ki which is needed to attain that state. Or it can be the other way around, Jiren needs to control his colossal ki so that his ki will not damage his body. And to do that, he needs superb Ki control training which can be done through meditating. We have seen him meditate a lot before the Tournament.

Goku’s Ultra Instinct form (I still prefer to call it the Limit Breaker form) was short-lived because his gas ran out. His body is not trained to use that so much Ki, but because of his control, the Ki leaked outside his body instead of bursting out.

I think the reason why Goku cannot keep up with Jiren before was that of Jiren’s ultra instinct. I mean, hey, Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20 should be faster than Hit’s time skip. It just means that Jiren is really a master of reflexes because of his Ultra Instinct. Jiren doesn’t even need to predict Hit’s movement in the next fight just like Goku did the last time. Jiren’s own body has a mind of their own and will move accordingly when they sensed danger.


What Is Frieza Going To Do To Goku – Explained

Aside from the epic battle between Goku and Jiren, finally seeing a little of what Jiren is capable of besides a little Ki blast, and seeing this Ultra Instinct Technique Goku pulled out of nowhere. One of the shocking things to happen in the back to back episodes was the end of Episode 110 when Frieza grabbed Goku!

This brought back a lot of memories of Dragon Ball Z, having Goku and Frieza go back and forth. This time is interesting tho cause its Goku who is vulnerable and in a bad spot where Frieza has the upper hand! Knowing the character of Frieza there could be a list of things that Frieza could do to the wounded, and weakened Saiyan! So let’s talk about it!Theory #1: Frieza roughs Goku up further!
Now, anyone that likes Frieza and pays attention to how he REALLY is in the show and his movie is that Frieza is a really evil, petty, manipulative character! Also, couldn’t hate anything more in existence then Goku! Freiza would do anything to get his revenge on Goku for not just 1 beat down but 2! With this new power of Golden, and Goku in the shape he is in Frieza certainly has the upper hand to get a little revenge on Goku but not enough to kill him, or eliminate him!

Theory #2: Frieza wounds Goku leaving him to another Universe!
Frieza has been shown to have even more confidence then usual! Frieza has always been one of those characters that was overly confident of his strength and power, but who could blame him being a prodigy! Having the power Frieza had back on Namek without training a day in his life was unbelievable to hear! So it wouldn’t be too big of a stretch to see Frieza wounding Goku even further making it easier for other Universe’s to eliminate him, with Frieza thinking he can win the entire Tournament with his Golden Form!

Theory #3: Frieza gives Goku Energy!
Yes, you heard it right! Frieza could possibly give Goku energy! Why may you ask? Well, even tho Frieza has confidence in his newly mastered Golden Form, he may not feel so confident after seeing a little of what Jiren is capable of! Goku has always found a way to best Frieza and that’s what started this rivalry between Goku and Frieza….


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