Are you excited to see the Ultra Instinct again? Goku seems to be gaining back his strength in a fast pace. His fight against Jiren was intense and there is no way he can fight like that again without the Ultra Instinct. So to beat Jiren, it is expected that Goku will be able to achieve the Ultra Instinct form in the future.

And it is just the same Ultra Instinct that we’re talking about. It is now the complete form of Ultra Instinct, the one that was shown in the promotional picture a few months back. This is where Goku is in the Ultra Instinct mode and he is surrounded by red and silver aura. His body was damaged and his iconic Gi was torn into pieces.

Goku’s first ever achievement of the Ultra Instinct was incomplete. The ultimate question right now will be: how will he complete this Ultra Instinct state? And more importantly, what will complete the Ultra Instinct state? Will he be able to beat Jiren with this complete UI?

The secret ingredient for the complete Ultra Instinct that I can think of is not a new thing for the Dragon Ball fans. I personally think that when I reveal my theory, you will just roll your eyes and say “not again”. Yeah, the possible missing thing that will complete the Ultra Instinct is the Kaioken.

ultra instinct jiren

Super Saiyan God with Ultra Instinct actually came into my mind first. It has a red aura and is one of Goku’s most powerful form. If there is a safe and powerful transformation that he can use on top of Ultra instinct, that would be his Super Saiyan God transformation. But I shrugged it off completely after a few moment because the aura of SSG and the red aura in the poster is not really the same.

You might be thinking “Are you kidding me? Kaioken’s aura is way more different than SSG!” If Goku transformed into SSG, he will get a change of hair color, which seem to be a standard in every Super Saiyan transformation. I think that the Super Saiyan transformations cannot be used during the Ultra Instinct. The Spirit Bomb logic can be applied to this theory.

ultra instinct jiren

Ultra Instinct needs a lot of focus and calmness to maintain, at least, in Goku’s case. Since Super Saiyan transformations have rage as a core factor, Goku might not be able to maintain the UI while int he Super Saiyan transformation. That is why he can only use Kaioken for further powering up.


God Goku Defeated By New Warrior Kafla, Goku To Use [Spoiler] Again?

Fusion with Potara Earrings is a fascinating thing in the whole Dragon Ball series. Not only will it be able to introduce another character, but the fusion character will also be similar to the base characters. And not only that, every fusion character defies the law of power levels (if that thing still exists) and can even surpass a God of Destruction.

Goku needs to beat Kafla because if he did, it will give him two good things. The first one is that he will recover his stamina by fighting (I still don’t know that method works, but since it is working, I can’t really complain). The second one would be his double elimination of Caulifla and Kale. In a sense, Universe 6 is in danger with this fusion.

But in the meantime, Goku will be in a helluva lot of trouble in the next episode. The birth of Kafla is proven to be a pain in the neck for the Universe 7 ace warrior. Kafla is expected to be a powerful warrior. And during their fight, Goku will be helpless and will be cornered to tank all of Kafla’s attacks as per spoilers from Todd Blakenship.

Because of being cornered, Goku will be forced to transform into Super Saiyan Blue for the first time. I think Goku would be in the desperate situation since Blue cannot even gain an advantage on Berserker Kale alone. What could it do against the Super Saiyan Berserker 2 Kafla (or something like that)?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

The only thing that I can think of as a good omen for this fight is that Goku will be able to get his strength back. The last episode has shown us that Goku

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