Ultra Instinct: the state that even the Gods cannot enter easily, the state that only has three known (or four) user in the whole multiverse, will be officially broken in Dragon Ball Super. Do you ask how will this happen?  It is because of a new opponent that will give rise to another limit breaking moment in the Tournament of Power!

jiren origin

According to the master spoiler Todd Blakenship, Goku will be able to attain Ultra Instinct once again in the near episode of Dragon Ball Super. This is a great news for Goku fans since he seems to be able to tap into the form without a spirit bomb.

Goku new form vs jiren

Even the Gods of Destruction and the Kaioshin from other Universes are surprised that a mortal like Goku has beaten them in achieving that state.

But it seems like the Gods of Destruction should learn to handle unexpected things like this. Because the Ultra Instinct might be broken soon enough. Episode 116 will show how Goku will outclass Kefla once again after the defeat of his Super Saiyan Blue. And when Goku is in Ultra Instinct, it seems like nothing can defeat him except Jiren and the Angels. But not quite that fast.

Goku’s Ultra Instinct will be the catalyst for Kefla to powerup into a more powerful version of herself. And as if she wasn’t powerful enough already, she will be more powerful after this boost. There is even a possibility that she can reach a state where she might be able to drag Jiren out of his meditation.

Kefla’s bottomless power comes from Kale’s naturally high power levels and Caulifla’s ability to break her limit. And because of this, Kefla will have the ability to break limits and grow stronger than ever before.And to think that Kefla can fight against Ultra Instinct Goku, it instantly put her on Jiren-tier. The Potara Fusion might actually be Universe 6’s trump card.

If a fusion such as this could easily reach Ultra Instinct level, then who knows what would happen if Vegeta and Goku fused. Will they be able to surpass Ultra Instinct? This state is very hard to attain, but since it can be easily rivaled, I think there is something more that will be coming to Dragon Ball Super in the future.

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