The final battle in Universe 7 and Universe 11 already started in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. The latest episode mostly focused on the fight between Vegeta and Jiren.

As Goku and Vegeta face Jiren, Frieza is currently dealing with the fastest warrior in all the universes, Dyspo. Despite having an advantage regarding battle power, Frieza is noticeably having a hard time countering Dyspo’s unique attack strategy.

In the latest spoiler shared by Ken Xyro for DBS Episode 124, Gohan will be teaming up with Frieza in his battle against Dyspo. They will still have a hard time defeating the Pride trooper from Universe 11.

The title of episode 124 is “Fierce Rush Attack! Gohan’s Final Stand!.” The term “final stand” could be a significant sign that Gohan will be eliminated in Episode 124 after exerting all his power in the battle.

In episode 122, Gohan and Android 17 were confronting with Toppo.
17 will exert his body to paralyze the opponent. He will order Gohan to attack them both, but he hesitates and loses the opportunity to eliminate Toppo in the tournament.

After being almost eliminated, Toppo may have chosen to hide for a while to regain his stamina. Seeing Frieza in colossal trouble, Gohan will come to support him battle Dyspo.
In the previous spoiler shared by Ken Xyro, Frieza will try to settle with Dyspo. He promises to help Universe 11 beat Universe 7 if they use the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect him.

Spoilers for DBS 124 may have teased what Frieza’s real plan is. Recently, Frieza also acted to team up with his Universe 6’s Frost to defeat Gohan. In the end, it was exposed that they were only deceiving the opponent. After seeing Frost defenseless, Frieza attacked him and knocked him out of the fighting stage. Though, it remains doubtful if the same approach will work on Dyspo. The crash of their plan could drive to the elimination of one of them, and there is a higher chance that it could be Son Gohan.


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