Hey guys. I’m speechless. The new episode was brilliant, I can’t believe it. It was too good to be true. I’d go as far as to say that this was the finest episode since the one hour special that we had last year. As excited as I am, I really ought to appreciate the quality of this episode and also, talk about the highlight of the episode. The highlight from the episode was Jiren.

I mean there’s no way you can’t acknowledge the fact that Jiren has surpassed all his predecessors who have been involved in the Dragon Ball franchise. Jiren’s power is just too much. Before today’s episode, Jiren easily managed to match both Gokū and Vegeta in a fight. Now in today’s episode, we were waiting to see how far can Vegeta’s new mode take him. I’m disappointed to say that Vegeta’s new form, is pretty far away from Gokū’s Ultra Instinct.

I mean it surely does increase his power, but as we know that Ultra Instinct Gokū was able to match Jiren(he wasn’t at full power). In today’s episode, both Gokū and Vegeta were fighting Jiren and still failed to come out on top. If Vegeta’s new form was anything close to Son Goku’s Ultra Instinct, then the two of them would have been more than enough for Jiren. But that’s not the case as you saw Jiren still coming out on top. The reason? Easy. Jiren powered up once again.

It was revealed by Belmod and Kai that they have not seen Jiren like this in a very long time. It is both good and bad news for the fighters of Universe 7. Good news in the sense that they finally managed to push Jiren so far that Jiren had to unleash maybe 90-95% of his power. We still don’t know if that is his power or not. The bad news is that Jiren has increased his power and thus, he has decided to stop playing around and take down the entire Universe 7 on his own.

I can’t get my head around the whole thing. How can Jiren still be hiding some of his power? If Gokū with Ultra Instinct failed, Gokū with Kaioken 20 + Super Saiyan Blue and Vegeta with his newly acquired form failed, I fail to see how Jiren will actually be defeated by someone. His power is absolute and this is the first time that fans what Universe 7 to lose.
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Why [SPOILER] Will Be The One To Defeat Jiren!

Hey guys. Speculations are flying left regarding the ending of the Tournament of power. One thing that is common with all the theories is that, the end of the Tournament of Power would mean the end of Jiren’s unbeaten streak. He is super powerful and he is easily the strongest fighter in the Tournament of Power. Now in the previous of Dragon Ball Super which was episode 122, Jiren said something that has raised a few eyebrows. When Vegeta survived Jiren’s attack, Jiren said something rather interesting. Jiren said, “You will never be able to beat me…Your fists are arrogant. There isn’t a speck of purity in the self-righteous way you fight.”

This was one of the two events. Before that he went on to ask Goku, why he wished to become stronger, and when asked the same, he responded with, “I seek that which lies beyond strength.” It may look like ordinary at first but after reading the whole theory, the outlook completely changes. This is believed to be the reason which will prove pivotal to his downfall. Jiren might actually have dropped a big hint on how to defeat him. Jiren will only be defeated by a warrior who has a pure heart and who has pure intentions. So, power alone wouldn’t be able to take down Jiren.

Jiren requires a powerful warrior who has pure intentions. That’s why so far Vegeta and Goku have failed to defeat him. They fight only to prove that they are the best and continue growing stronger simply to push their limits. Now when you think about it, who has got a pure heart in Universe 7? Goku and Vegeta? Nope. Freeza-sama? Yeah sure. Gohan? A lot of people believe that Gohan will get a larger role and if he is portrayed as the leader of Universe 7.

I don’t doubt that Gohan is the perfect choice for a leader. There are also several other speculations that Gohan will actually win the Tournament of Power. It’s a no-brainer that there is literally no way that Gohan can become so strong that he would defeat Jiren. In that sense, it’s completely understandable. However, what if it isn’t strength which is required to defeat Jiren. Jiren has even surpassed the Gods of Destruction and that is why he seeks something that lies beyond strength.
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