This is a rant from a “Dragon Ball Super” fan, beware.

Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct transformation is probably his most hyped transformation in the whole Dragon Ball series so far.

It is also the most powerful transformation in the series right now, strong enough to make all Gods of Destruction get up. Heck, his energy alone is like a little galaxy in the World of Void. Seriously, the guy is in Sage mode.

The last episode is explosive in the end, with Goku blasting Jiren with his invisible punches. And not only that, he seems to finally push Jiren into one corner, which is an amazing feat alone.

The overall episode is decent, but if there’s one thing that fans see as annoying and unnecessary aside from the repeated fight scenes, it would be the commentaries from the three baldies.

Yes, Tien, it is a Kamehameha. We’ve been seeing that technique for more than three decades. Commentaries like this aim to drag the time and prolong episodes.

But repeated use of such tactics to drag the time is now getting into the audiences’ nerves. One Reddit user was not afraid to voice his opinion on this matter.

There are also some moments from their commentaries that we see once almost every episode. For example is when Krillin shouts “Goku!” every time Goku is in trouble.

We all know that Krillin is just worried about his friend, shouting his name can’t really make any difference. Though it succeeded in annoying the crap out of the majority of viewers.

Fans are quick to point how Vegeta became the only one who believes in Goku. He is just chill because he knows that when beaten, Kakarot will just stand again even more powerful than before.

He also defended Kakarot when Belmod insisted that Goku can’t do anything to defeat Jiren.  Way to go best bud Geets.


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