Hey guys. It’s about time we all jump aboard the hype train. Today Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 115 was released and holymoly, it was really good. Continuing from where they left off, Gokū and Kefla were still going at it. Gokū was able to restrain Kefla with Super Saiyan Blue for some time. However, as soon as Kefla went Super Saiyan, Gokū was outclassed. He had to use King Kaio-ken to boost his chances of winning.

The power up certainly did help him for a bit. However, yet again Kefla came up with the answer and managed to land a critical hit on Gokū. It was at this point that the episode was on the boil. Gokū looked to be beaten, but he came up the answer and broke through his shell yet again. You must have got what I meant by breaking through the shell. Gokū went Ultra Instinct yet again.

That looked like the only possible answer to stopping Kefla. Gokū’s ultra instinct let her to overwhelm Kefla. It was looking good for Gokū, however it’s too early to rejoice. In next episode Jiren awakens from his meditation. It’s no brainer that the energy first from Kefla and now from Gokū would’ve attracted the attention of the fighter from Universe 11. Kefla is still fighting and now with Jiren awakening, things aren’t looking good for Gokū and ultra instinct will be ending soon.

It really worries me that Gokū will have to fight two of the strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power. We don’t know if Jiren is going after Gokū or Kefla or is it going to be both of them. But whoever he is going after is in trouble. Jiren has regained all of his energy and will be fighting at full power, which gives him the edge over both of them. This may be a good time for a big twist in the Tournament of Power. One of the big names getting eliminated from the Tournament. Mind you, we only have 19 minutes remaining in the Tournament.

So, it is about time that one of the stronger characters would drop out. Hit (Universe 6) was one of the strongest fighters in this tournament and he was eliminated just a few episodes back. We’ll have to wait for some other hint that will give us an idea of what is going to happen.


Dragon Ball Super Reveals How Much Control Toei Has Over Toriyama On DBS Anime

Hey guys. Each and everyone of us is getting really excited as the Tournament of Power is drawing to a close. But, there’s a thing that makes fans more excited than seeing new power ups or fights. This thing is…well it’s not a thing but it is actually the confirmation of a power or an incident being canon.

Fans love it when something Dragon Ball Super is officially confirmed as canon. Akira Toriyama’s iconic franchise has lots of parts so getting a confirmation is a really big deal. Whatever the anime shows, it is confirmed by Toriyama at some point. Recently, two executives with Dragon Ball Super traveled to Barcelona for an annual anime convention. Hiroyuki Sakurada and Kimitoshi Chioka talked with the fans about how the behind-the-scenes work at Toei Animation goes.

During this time, they also confirmed a major thing about the anime. The entire thing was translated on social media in which the producer and director were asked if Toei has the power to change Toriyama’s drafts. The creator came back to Dragon Ball just for its ongoing anime, and the artist has given its team episode drafts. The fans have always wondered how much does Toei Animation actually change the anime from Toriyama’s original work to make Dragon Ball Super more exciting for the fans.

However, the duo of the show’s executives laughed off the idea. “Does Toei have power to change Toriyama’s draft?” Both laugh

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