Hey guys. There are just three more minutes left before the Tournament of Power ends. We are left with four fighters after one more character suffered elimination in Dragon Ball Super episode 127. In today’s episode, Jiren managed to eliminate one of the fighters from Universe 7. Rather, it was because of Android 17’s own will to sacrifice himself for the sake of protecting his comrades and Universe 7.

It was really emotional to see Android 17 sacrificing himself. It was a good episode in my opinion. The animation wasn’t the best. However, the story was pretty good and especially Android 17’s part. In the next episode, the stakes will be even higher as now only four more fighters remain. Vegeta is going to fight alone against Jiren, who has maximum power. The title of the next episode clearly reveals that Vegeta is getting eliminated in the next episode. Vegeta fans should be happy. Instead of being disappointed as he did very well until the very end of the Tournament of Power.

The episode will air on February 18th. Also, DBS episode 127 made one thing clear and that is that Dragon Ball Super anime is clearly rushing the ending. Jiren’s backstory was pretty cliche as most of the characters nowadays have the same story. It makes you wonder if the movie is playing a crucial part in the ending of the series. Over the last few episodes, we have had an increase in the quality of the episodes with each passing week.

However, the not so good animation and the average script writing makes you wonder if Dragon Ball Super didn’t have enough budget. But, I don’t believe that is the case as Dragon Ball Super was earning a lot from the anime and from the merchandise as well. The sales have increased and not decreased. So, the logical conclusion that I can derive from the whole thing is that either Toriyama had only planned to run it till the end of the Tournament of Power or the movie which is coming out is affecting it.

A movie takes a lot of work than an anime episode. The quality and everything else has to be top notch. So, I believe that either of these two reasons is responsible for the ending of Dragon Ball Super.

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