The two warriors lost their humanity from past events. Which led them to what they are today. According to BrettRys’ explanation, Jiren’s humanity was stripped of him when everything that he got was taken from him by the evil doer. While Android seventeen lost his humanity, when Dr. Gero forced him to become an Android. Although Krillin tried to turn them back to normal by wishing to the Dragon Balls, the wish couldn’t be granted.

Putting Android seventeen against Jiren. The two different yet similar warriors had their own outlook in life. Jiren made the past events of his life as a motivation to achieve strength. He can’t stop seeking strength because he believes that strength will “forgive everything”. Android seventeen on the other hand, chose to forget about the past and bury his Android days with him. He chose to live in the present with his family. That’s why his wish was as simple as that.

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