Jiren is not a man of words. He rarely speaks with more than fifteen words in one line. And in case you’re wondering how long fifteen words are, you can read this again. The point here is, Jiren is a man of action, and if there’s something he wanted to do, he will do it with the minimum sign of any emotion.

That is why you know something big is coming when Jiren decided to let his emotions show. When Goku and Vegeta actually pestered him, he was shown as being annoyed for the first time. It is obvious that Jiren is not quite used to have a competition like this. Now that Goku and co. were seen as a worthy opponent and a threat to Universe 11, Jiren was seen smiling for the first time. This signals that Jiren is now ready to go down to business.

And not only that, he also started to…participate in the yelling tournament.

Finally, Jiren is about to show his real power, and it is not looking good for the Universe 7. This has been the hype of the series for so long, I can’t even remember when it all started. And the hype is proven to be too much, that one fan from Reddit cannot handle it, so he drew a laughing Jiren, of all the things. Reddit user Snakenat shared his fanart depicting the Universe 1 Pride Trooper sporting a sinister laugh on his face.

The illustration looks just like some creepypasta character that is finally able to torture his long-sought victim. You can’t even compare Jiren’s cruelty to TFS Mr. Popo because he will never be able to handle Jiren. And, those eyes, look at those eyes, they can haunt you in your sleep. If you have a weak heart and a fear eerie eyes, you can look at this picture instead.

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Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed Vegeta’s New Form’s Name

Dragon Ball Super lately has revealed a name for Vegeta’s new transformation.

A form that advances beyond the regular SSJ Blue, the form looks quite similar to it. The hair, the eyes, and the aura represent a more extreme blue color associated with the usual Super Saiyan Blue.

This form was first obtained by Vegeta during the Tournament of Power, thinking back his promise to restore Cabba and Universe 6.

DBS came out with its newest episode, and we saw Vegeta eliminating Toppo. Toppo was relaxing in the power of the Gods, and he believed nothing can beat him. Toppo overlooks that power merely will not guarantee a victory and that Vegeta just has to knock him off the arena.

Vegeta had to use every part of his latest Super Saiyan Blue power-up next to Toppo, and it was Piccolo who attempted to give a name to this new transformation.

Piccolo named the power-up “Super Saiyan Blue and beyond that.” Clearly, the name does not flow or even seem like a fitting title. Piccolo’s address sounds pretty dim actually, but its translation has got some fans.

Super Saiyan Beyond Blue and Beyond Super Saiyan Blue has become accepted among the community. Many fans seem to prefer Super Vegeta Blue because this form looks very comparable to Super Vegeta’s initial transformation.
Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

This is the first SSJ transformation that’s strong enough to overpower and overcome a God of Destruction or a candidate of God of Destruction.

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