Beerus is a Hakaishin, who destroys planets to make room for new ones, and balances out the Gods of Creation, the Kais. He is one of the entire powerful beings in the entirety of Universe 7, feared by even the Kaioshins.

Beerus appearance is that of a purple, catlike with a humanoid build. Perched atop his head are substantially pointed ears, which give him a great sense of hearing, the left of which has a metal piercing. He also has a long, whip-like tail. The God Of Destruction has a thin build that denies his remarkable strength; his slim physique is enhanced by a small but present muscle build.

Beerus vs Super Saiyan God Goku

He served as the primary villain of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Movie. After introducing a vision of the so-called “Super Saiyan God” making a Worthy Challenger for him, he shows up on earth. Despite his dreaded “profession,” he’s an unexpected exception to the commonly sadistic monster that a Dragon Ball Z Antagonist usually is.

Beerus Strongest

After this, he goes on to becomes a supporting character throughout Dragon Ball Super, quite often as an ally.

Beerus design idea was partially based on a Cornish Rex cat that had been with Toriyama at the period of design work, the cat surprisingly recovered from a disease and the veteran joking that it was demonic.

dragon ball super ending

Toriyama initially had the character to look like a lizard, changing it entirely after.

The script-writer Yusuke primarily envisioned Beerus as an evil character who affects people with evil and was the one who provided the Saiyan race their ruthless characteristics. Also, Beerus initially looked like a lizard, but Toriyama changed his design completely.

beerus strongest

He is a purple cat-like being seen wearing mythical Egyptian clothing and ornaments, whose profession is to maintain stability by destroying planets, in contrast to the Kaioshin who create and preserve them. The original artwork for Beerus has never been reproduced but you can always read their interview.


New Ranking – All God Of Destruction Ranked Based On Power

The Gods of Destruction, also recognized as Destroyers, are deities who destroy threats that put at risk the development of their respective universes. There is a Destroyer for each of the twelve universes introduced in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super has a complicated Power-scale, and it only gets worse when the Gods of Destruction are introduced. The anime has done a lot to examine the twelve universes and their gods.

NOTE:- Universe with higher Mortal Level does not necessarily possess stronger fighters since power represents only one of many measured factors.

12. Sidra (Universe 9)


11. Rumoosh (Universe 10)


10. Heles (Universe 2)

She tends to destroy things she considers disgusting, and her universe still has the second highest mortal level in the eight Universes participating in the Tournament.

9. Mosco (Universe 3)

In the manga, while the Zen Exhibition Match between all 12 Destroyers, Moscow was shown able to sneak behind Beerus and catch him in a hold, only momentarily as Beerus was able to overpower himself out of the hold.

8. Champa (Universe 6)

Champa is the Destroyer of Universe 6 and the brother of Beerus. Champa is a purple cat-like humanoid, like his twin, but with a chunkier build a much shorter tail.
Champa is also shown to have low endurance, unable to move about for extended periods of time without getting exhausted.

7. Quitela (Universe 4)

In the manga, Quitela was powerful enough to defeat Beerus at arm wrestling, Though Beerus stated that he wouldn’t lose to him in hand to hand fight and likewise Quitela initially fails to land a hit on the Beerus in the Zen Exhibition Match.

6. Liquiir (Universe 8)

He is confident about his Universe’s superiority, But he was visibly stunned when Universe 9 was erased like many other Gods of Destruction.

5.Iwan (Universe 1)

A skilled God of Destruction of the universe with the highest Mortal level. Iwan has a strong passion, enthusiasm, or explosive feelings in contrast to his calm appearance.

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