Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super just released one of the best ever episode that I have ever witnessed as a fan of the series. I don’t really understand how I should begin. The episode picked up right from where it had left off the previous time. In the previous episode, Vegeta went head to head against Toppo and knocked him out. Vegeta showed his strength which is now comparable to that of a God of Destruction.

With Toppo out of the Tournament of Power, Jiren was left alone to face the remaining fighters of Universe 7. But, there was hardly any doubt regarding whether or not Jiren could handle all four fighters on his own. He was wreaking havoc and he completed destroyed Vegeta and Gokū. At the centre of the episode were two characters, Jiren and Android 17. Jiren was focused on ending things once and for all as he unleashed his true power.

Jiren’s power was reaching the stands and everyone was astonished at the sheer power of this being. We also saw Jiren’s backstory in the episode, not all of it but most of it. Jiren’s village was wiped out by an evil person. He was saved by his teacher. Jiren trained a lot and he gathered up allies and he faced his old enemy once again. However, they were beaten badly and killed by the enemy. Jiren was abandoned by the rest of his friends. So, at that very time, Jiren decided that only those with strength can decide. That’s the reason why Jiren is so obsessed with strength.

He knows if he possesses strength, he can protect anyone he wants to and defeat whoever he wants to. Jiren also hinted that he is desperate to win the Super Dragon Balls so that he can have his wish granted. As Belmod said that Jiren is still obsessed with the past and he will definitely ask for his village and everything that he has lost to be restored.

This is the most rational explanation that I can give regarding Jiren’s obsession for power and why Jiren seeks to win the Tournament of Power. It will be interesting to see whether or not Universe 11 will win the Tournament of Power, with Android 17 getting killed. If Gokū wins, he is going to ask for Android 17 to be revived.
That’s it from me.

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