Hey guys. Like every other week, this week we received the preview images for Dragon Ball Super’s new episode. This week’s images were rather lackluster as compared to the previous. Not really much to talk about except for Vegeta…new form.

Dragon Ball Super fans are highly anticipating the release of Dragon Ball Super 123 as in that episode, we will see Vegeta finally getting a new power-up and using it as well. But before we start discussing the images, I’d like to warn you that this post has spoilers. So read ahead at your own risk. Let’s begin. The main highlight of the episode will be Vegeta’s new power-up. As you can see in the photo below that it is different than Super Saiyan Blue.

It is much darker than the original Super Saiyan Blue. The main question is how strong is this form? Is it comparable to the Ultra Instinct? Well, personally I don’t think so. This form is just a slight upgrade to Super Saiyan Blue. This is because, according to the spoilers, Vegeta and Gokū will be pairing up to fight Jiren. Normally we would have expected Vegeta’s new form to give him the edge over Jiren. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It was speculated that this form would be the equivalent of the Ultra Instinct.

But the sad truth is that this new form isn’t equal to Ultra Instinct. Vegeta and Gokū both fail to overwhelm Jiren. Gokū will use Super Saiyan Blue plus Kaioken 20x and Vegeta will be using his new form. However, they still fail to overwhelm Jiren. Ultra Instinct Gokū was more than a match for Jiren. So, comparing the powers would be quite foolish. There’s no doubt that the new form will make Vegeta more powerful than before.

But he is still ways off from being equal to Ultra Instinct Gokū. There’s no need to be upset because Vegeta will get another power-up in the Tournament of Power. To be more specific, Vegeta will be ascending the power level of a God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super episode 126. How he’s going to do that still remains a mystery. We just have the title of the episode and not the full spoilers. But, we shall be getting them soon enough.
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DBS New Ending Tried To Hide Major Spoilers

Hey guys. We have been a lot of great episodes from Dragon Ball Super. Both of the last two episodes were exceptionally good. Let’s talk about the most recent episode which is Dragon Ball Super episode number 122. The episode was finally out after the break. This was the much-awaited episode which would pit Jiren against Vegeta. From the spoilers, it was revealed that Vegeta will be having a torrid time against Jiren, however, the Saiyan Prince did manage to defend his pride very well.

However, Vegeta did end up losing the fight. To be honest, it was inevitable and there wasn’t anything that Vegeta could have done to prevent it, except for maybe not deciding to challenge Jiren to a fight. But now it’s in the past and we are highly anticipating the release of the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. Waiting for the next episode? Why? I’ll tell you why. It is because, in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta will be getting a new power-up. It’s actually pretty crazy considering how just a few episodes ago, he was getting beaten up every time he tried to awaken Ultra Instinct. In the preview for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, it was revealed that Vegeta’s new power-up will allow him to go beyond the power of the Super Saiyan God.

What heightened the speculation that it might be the superior form of Super Saiyan Blue was the new ending. However, I can assure you that there is a possibility that the Vegeta in the ending is actually not real. When I say not real, what I mean is that Vegeta will not be getting the better form of Super Saiyan Blue. He will, in fact, be getting Ultra Instinct.

Before you all jump to any conclusions, I’d like you to read this—
“So, I was looking at the picture of Vegeta in the outro to 122 and the NEP for 123, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something looked very different to me. So on a whim, I took the outro still and recolored the hair and eyes. I didn’t add anything, change anything, etc. I just turned the blues into grays. Look familiar?I think the outro right now is just a quick recolor to not spoil things, but Vegeta will definitely be getting Ultra Instinct. Another part of this is the white smokey aura/”heat” coming off of Vegeta. In the NEP he had a raging blue fire-like aura. In the outro, he’s definitely got that aura like Goku in UI.”
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