Hey there Dragon Ball fans we have some brand-new leaked images coming in pretains to upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode 116. In which showcases some very interesting imagery that I do believe is going to catch your attention and ultimately drive you to enjoy tonight’s episode that much more.

As we have the return of Ultra Instinct Goku having to battle against Super Saiyan Kefla, in which will be an enjoyable battle in my opinion.

Based on the first image alone we get to see both Androids 17 and 18 finally more active and involved in this show, as we understand they’re gonna have a huge role going in said next week’s episode. However, it looks like 17 is sticking on by with 18 which is very important considering the fact that 18 is injured and having them stick together, having 17 look after 18, I think this is the perfect way to build up character development.

As we are going to see Android 17 and 18 more involved in tonight’s episode. As we transition into the next image here as Goku seems to be powering up while under Ultra Instinct.

Now we’ve never seen this done before as Goku fought Jiren, so this is something entirely new as we’ve seen this in the preview. But you have to stop and ask yourself as to if this is going to affect Goku’s performance in both positive and negative way.

As we’ve never seen him channel this kind of energy before and judging based on the way the Androids are reacting, perhaps maybe it’s because of Goku powering up so much while under Ultra Instinct is the reason why they look like they’re getting pushed back.

As I do believe that Goku is going to have a massive influence in this tournament, especially with Ultra Instinct unlocked.As we do understand that Jiren is going to awaken, because of this.

Now we transition into the next shot here, as of course we get to see Ultra Instinct Goku in all his glory ready to wage into war against the following.

As you guys can see Kefla doesn’t look to be in any shape or form concerned or maybe fatigue, she looks to be more so involved in fighting Goku than anybody else. As she looks a tad bit crazy in her demeanor, but nontheless it also translates as to what’s going to happen.

As I do think Kefla is going to be defeated, but ultimately remaining in the ring, as I don’t think Goku is going to toss her out. So let me know what you guys think and what your reactions are towards these images and I hope you guys are looking forward to tonight’s episode even more now, well i’ll see you guys in the next one see ya!


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