Fans of Piccolo, like myself have been wondering “just how can Piccolo be made Stronger and relevant again?”, and due to this Tournament of Power we may of just got that answer!

Enter the Namekians of Universe 6! We have seen Piccolo due the forbidden “Namekian Fusion” twice in Dragon Ball Z. Once with Nail and another with Kame! Could there be a reason why there are 2 Namekians for Universe 6? We know in Dragon Ball numbers can play a big part.

Why I say that, is Piccolo fused 2 times, and there are 2 Namekians.. I don’t think it’s much of a coincidence but purposely done by the writers. Could that be the writers way of making Piccolo stronger. Champa had to of seen the fight between Frost and Piccolo and honestly, Piccolo did alright but nothing too impressive where I would bet the fate of my Universe of 2 Namekians..

This could be because the writers are planning on bringing back Piccolo as a relevant character in the Dragon Ball Universe! I would love to see this. Yes, Piccolo has improved, but it’s not like he could put up a decent battle against ANY of our top fighters like Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, and Goku, like it was in the Android Saga where Piccolo could basically match a Super Saiyan.
Piccolo has ALWAYS been a fan favorite amongst fans in the Dragon Ball Community and it would be amazing to see Piccolo return as a relevant character again.. So what could happen in order for Piccolo to fuse with the Namekians in Universe 6?

First way of Piccolo fusing with the other Namekians could be to just save them! Piccolo could grow to like them, and have respect for these Universe 6 Namekians and knowing they could be erased Piccolo could mention the Namekians Fusion in order to save these Namekians from being erased.

Second could be stipulations to a fight between Piccolo and the Universe 6 Namekians. It could be some rule when you see Namekians engage in a serious battle! The loser is absorbed in to the winner. We have yet to see two different Namekians go at it in a serious battle, so this is definitely a possibility!

So these are my thoughts on how Piccolo could be made stronger and relevant again! What do you think? Do you think there’s a reason why there are 2 Namekians from Universe 6? Keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


3 Ways Goku Can Master the Ultra Instinct Technique To Beat Jiren

Ever since the second half of Episode 110, and saw Goku use that Ultra Instinct Technique and the reactions it received from the God’s of Destruction, the Angel’s and even the Great Priest himself, it got me thinking.

I was wondering just how can Goku master this Ultra Instinct technique. That’s obviously the next limit Goku has, and just like Super Saiyan Blue, Goku will also Master this new technique! So let’s talk of ways Goku could master this technique!

Possibility #1: Goku controls the heat!
This is as clear as it gets! The main reason why Goku couldn’t contain the new Ultra Instinct technique was the heat that is was spewing out! This is a lot different than what were used to seeing from anyone in the Dragon Ball Universe! Even for characters like Kale who rages and pure energy pours out of her body, but its not pure heat. Goku needs to find a way to control the heat.

Possibility #2: Whis telepathically helps and trains Goku!
We all know Goku reaching this new Form/Technique would not of been possible if not for Goku’s extensive training with Whis! Whis was the one that first mentioned this to Goku and Vegeta back on Beerus’s planet. I’m sure at first glance it didn’t seem important than, who would of guessed that it would of been the next tier of power!

We have seen God’s of Destruction be able to talk and communicate with other’s such as Belmod and Jiren, so could the same go for Angel’s? Angel’s have been shown to be able to do anything a God of Destruction can do plus more. So it’s very possible Whis helps Goku telepathically master this new Technique!

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  1. You are forgetting two rules:
    1. No fusion is allowed. I guess that this applies to absorbing the namekoan as well.
    2. If someone is killed than the one who killed him is eliminated. My asumption is that by fusing Piccolo would gain increase of strength and speed but fused person would disappear – I guess that it would be counted as a death. There is possibility to avoid this penalization – if someone would willing want to sacrifice himself (for example in order to be helpfull) than it might negate the disqualification penalty (however this is just theory).

    • When was fusion said to be illegal? What when Vegeta said it? Cause Vegeta makes the rules right? LOL Fusion is only said to be illegal if its done by an ITEM…


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