One Major Detail That You Missed About Jiren’s Teacher

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super’s most recent episode was quite a thrilling one. In the episode, we finally got to see the origins of Jiren from Universe 11. Almost all of us were waiting for the backstory of the new fan favourite. We were hoping that after getting to know the Pride Trooper better, a lot of our questions will be answered.

However, that wasn’t the case as it actually raised even more questions. Jiren’s backstory is cliche as most of the characters nowadays have the same story. Anyway, everyone seems to be discussing two people in particular from Jiren’s backstory.

The first one being the evil doer, who is responsible for killing of Jiren’s family, master and friends. The second person who has been the talk of the town was Jiren’s master. His master saved him the first time when the evil doer raided Jiren’s village.

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