Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Dragon Ball Super Episode 127. The episode aired a while ago, and I think it was good. We didn’t get an episode as good as last week’s. But it was still good enough. I’m pretty sure some of you watched the episode, but for those of you who didn’t, I suggest that you do so first.

This post contains spoilers from Episode 127 and Episode 128. So please continue at your own risk. Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 saw the beginning of a huge fight against Jiren. Universe 7’s Goku, Vegeta and 17 threw everything they had at Jiren. Surprisingly, it was 17 who actually impressed in today’s episode. He was the one who saved Goku and Vegeta both from Jiren.

That’s not all. seventeen also self-destructed in order to protect Goku and Vegeta. And buy enough time for them. I don’t really think anyone was expecting this, to be honest. Everyone knew that Android 17 was going to be eliminated from the Tournament of Power, but nobody really knew that it would happen like this. I’m really shocked that Toei took this path, and while it was a very powerful moment. It did annoy a lot of people who weren’t expecting this stuff to happen at all.

We also got a look at Jiren’s past in this episode of Dragon Ball Super. Apparently, his family was killed by a bad guy. He found a teacher, who trained him, and some comrades who tried to help him against this bad guy. But in the end, they all died as well. They were all killed by the bad guy. As a result, Jiren was left alone. He had nobody he could put his trust in, and he came to believe that power is everything.

He trained to get to the level that he is at currently at. And his current power would’ve been enough to defeat Goku and Vegeta in this episode if it wasn’t for Android 17’s sacrifice. His barrier protected Goku and Vegeta as he self-destructed, while Jiren’s attack was countered as well. Now, just four people remain in the Tournament of Power, with three more minutes to go. I think things will only get more intense from here on out.

Next week, we’ll see a Vegeta focused episode, which is likely going to be his last bow. According to the animedia preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 129, Freeza will also be eliminated in Episode 128. But I’m not quite sure about that. It all comes down to Goku vs Jiren, and the return of Ultra Instinct as well. That’s the only way Universe 7 can escape their erasure, and everyone’s hopes will be pinned on Goku from here on out. There is no Dragon Ball Super episode next week. We’ll have to wait 2 weeks for Episode 128 to air.




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