One More Character Is Going To Die

It is also possible that Freeza will be eliminated in the same episode as well. His elimination has been on the cards for the last few episodes, and according to the animedia preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 129, Freeza is no longer in the Tournament of Power after Episode 128. There’s a chance that we might see 2 eliminations in the next episode, but there is also a slight chance of seeing yet another death in the next episode.

If you have watched Dragon Ball Super Episode 127, you’d know that at the end, Android 17 blew himself up, and nullified Jiren’s attack. In the process, he bought some time for Goku and Vegeta, and so they were rescued for a while. This was also the first death that we’ve seen in the Tournament of Power so far.

However, it looks like another death is right on the cards, and it is none other than Vegeta. The title of Episode 128 of Dragon Ball Super is “Prideful to the end! Vegeta Falls!”. Not a lot of you may remember this, but when Vegeta sacrificed his life during the Buu Saga, the episode name was something similar to this. The episode in which Vegeta sacrificed himself was episode 237 of Dragon Ball Z.

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