Hey everyone! In today’s post, I want to talk about Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 spoilers. Before I begin, I want to let you all know that this post contains official spoilers for Episode 125. If you don’t like reading the spoilers, I suggest you leave the post. However, If you don’t mind being spoiled, then let’s begin. Episodes 125 of Dragon Ball Super looks like it is going to be focused on Toppo altogether.

Toppo is fighting against Gohan, and Android 17 right now. Since Gohan will be backing up Freeza in the next episode, it is likely that 17 will fight Toppo alone. He won’t do too well, but he’ll hold his ground. 17 will receive back up from Freeza in Episode 125 of Dragon Ball Super. I don’t know what happened to Gohan, and Dyspo. They could be eliminated for all we know, but it is possible Gohan is taking care of him all alone.

Meanwhile, 17 and Freeza will be overwhelming Toppo in battle. He’ll be close to getting eliminated when suddenly, something strange will happen to his body. Judging from the title of Episode 125, I think it is pretty clear that Toppo is getting a big power up in this Episode of Dragon Ball Super. I think this is where Toppo officially rises to the level of a God of Destruction.

He is the underling of Belmod, the God of Destruction of Universe 11, and he is the next in line to become the God of Destruction of Universe 11. I think Toppo might be getting a new form here. I normally wouldn’t say so, but according to the translation, “something weird starts happening to his body”.

It is possible that this is just Toppo getting God of Destruction Ki. I won’t deny that it is likely. But to me, it seems like he might transform. I would really love to see that. I think Vegeta getting a transformation in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 just have the edge to Universe 7. But Universe 11 is not just going to stand and watch. They’re stronger, and they want to show it. Everyone knows that they rely on Jiren.

But, I would like for Toppo to take the center stage, and show us what he’s capable of. We even got a leaked preview image for Dragon Ball Super Episode 125, and again, Toppo is in the image. We’ll find out more about Toppo’s rise to the God of Destruction level very soon. But right now, this is all we can speculate.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Leaked Images

Hey everyone! In this post, I’m going to talk about Dragon Ball Super spoilers for the next couple of episodes. Before I begin, I want to warn you all that this post will contain official spoilers. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then I suggest you stop reading the post. However, if you don’t like reading the spoilers, then let’s begin. Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is coming to an end soon.

In fact, we have confirmation that Dragon Ball Super anime is ending on March 25th. Episode 131 is going to be the last episode of the Universe Survival Saga, and then Dragon Ball Super will end. I know a lot of fans are mad because of this, but we still have about 7 episodes of the show left. Let’s enjoy discussing them. As you probably know already, Episode 124 is going to be huge for the Tournament of Power.

We have Vegeta, and Goku fighting against Jiren. It looks like Universe 11 will be on the back foot in Episode 124 of Dragon Ball Super. However, that won’t be for long, because Jiren will soon begin powering up as well. Meanwhile, Gohan and Freeza will be fighting against Dyspo.

It is going to be an intense battle, and I think we may even see one elimination in this episode. Moving on, it looks like a lot of focus is going to be put on Toppo in Dragon Ball Super Episode 125. Judging by the title, the episode is all about him, really. According to the spoilers for Episode 125, Toppo will be fighting against Freeza, and 17 together. They will succeed in putting him under severe pressure. He’ll be close to getting eliminated, but then something will happen to his body.

Today, a preview image for Episode 125 of Dragon Ball Super was leaked. It has Toppo firing the Justice Flash, and we can’t really tell anything else from the video.

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