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First off let me just say that Vegeta vs Toppo happening off-screen is not a good thing for fans. This match-up was something many desired before the Tournament Of Power even began. A fight like this really should have an episode or two dedicated towards it, hopefully, we see something later on.

Anyways on to the topic at hand. Every time Goku has surpassed Vegeta, Vegeta has always came to the realization that Goku is stronger than him, whether in a humble or covetous way. Whether he was frustrated or being humble about it he did always make it clear that at those moments he was weaker in power than Goku. He did it the first time he saw Goku on Namek take down Recoome.

Vegeta Said ” With that one blow, Kakarot has proved himself stronger than any other saiyan I have ever known. Perhaps any saiyan in a 1000 years, and I prince of all saiyans, somehow become a witness to this moment. I’m the only one who understands what he’s become. Kakarot has become a Super Saiyan.”

dbs episode 112

He even later did it when he told Frieza that Goku had become a Super Saiyan and would be the one to beat him.

This happens again in the Cell Saga as well. When Goku powered up to full power Super Saiyan Vegeta knew Goku had surpassed him and even said it here.

The third time this happens is during the Buu saga, when Vegeta learns about SS3 and then later admits Goku is better than him.

Moving onto the Dragonball Super during the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament when Goku used Kaioken with SSB, Vegeta legitimately looks pissed that Goku is one step ahead of him

Every time Goku has ascended to a new level its been the same pattern with Vegeta. Fast forward to the current TOP and things here are different. Vegeta’s reaction to Ultra Instinct is not what you’d expect. Instead, he just looked puzzled, trying to make sense of what was going on. He didn’t look frustrated or angry that Goku had gotten ahead of him. With the last couple of Episodes Vegeta’s attitude has been the same since the start of the tournament.

Despite seeing the battle between Jiren and Goku, he still wanted to challenge him until Toppo Interfered. Toppo called him second fiddle which pissed him off and Vegeta challenged his statement. Even in the current episode, Vegeta said he’s still on top of all the Saiyans. He says he’s going to win and resurrect U6 Saiyans with the super Dragonballs. His mind hasn’t changed, he hasn’t said “oh well I guess I’ll let kakarot win this one for us”.

He’s not discouraged or demoralized despite seeing Goku lose in Ultra Instinct form, and Hit getting knocked out. This is why I strongly believe Vegeta has a much greater role to play, that we’ll most likely see him attain a new powerup.


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