With Dragon Ball Super reaching the end of Dragon Ball Z, confirmed by the writers a lot of people have had the same question. “Is Super going to end when it reaches the end of Z?”.

With recent releases, and leaks more so now thafn ever, the answer is looking to be no! S. H. Figuart is a very high regarded action figure producer for Dragon Ball merchandise. We recently received a leak of a new poster for a new promotion from this Action Figure company promoting new action figures exclusively for the Tournament of Power and there is something quite interesting featured in the poster.. So let’s talk about this!

The poster is showcasing new Action Figures promoting the Tournament of Power and features: Gohan, Hit, and Goku Ultra Instinct! If you look, next to Goku you see a slender black figure that says “coming soon”.. Who or what is that? A new form? A new character?Theory #1: A new Character!
This could easily be a new character! looking at the figure, and how slender it is.. To me it looks like a woman! Looking at the Tournament of Power I can’t really think of any women participants that A: fit this look, or B: is relevant that looks like this.. Which tells me, this is a new character! Could this be someone in the Tournament of Power from one of the other Universe’s that we have yet to see? Or could this be someone that is introduced after the Tournament of Power? Right at first, personally this looks like a female Hit race, or possibly even a female Jiren race type of character..

Theory #2: A new Form!
Now this could also be likely! The more I thought about this figure, the more it stood out to me. As of late, when a character goes through a proper transformation (aside from Kale going Berserk, and Caulifla’s buff form) we see a significant difference in size most noticeably, they look smaller.. Look at Goku going Super Saiyan God! Black using Rose was the same thing.. Could this be a new form for a character such as Hit or Jiren?

So these are my thoughts on the new leaks. What are yours? Who do you think this “blacked out” character is? Is it a new character or a new form? And for who? Keep the conversation going by leaving your opinions and thoughts in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!

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