Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is entering the final stages now, with 17 minutes to go, whatever follows from here on out is going to be really important. We’ve already seen most fodder characters get eliminated, and we’ve seen Universe 9 and Universe 10 get erased as well. There are still a couple of fodder left in the Tournament of Power, but they won’t last long, because with each episode, around 1-2 minutes pass.

So, I think in about the next 5-6 episodes, the Tournament should be focused more on serious contenders, like Goku and Jiren. Before I go any further than this, I wanna let you know that I will be talking about spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 and Episode 118, so please continue at your own risk. If you don’t mind spoilers, let’s continue.

We know the next couple of Dragon Ball Super episodes are going to end up with a Universe getting eliminated. Thanks to the spoilers, we know that Universe 6 and Universe 2 will be in heavy action in the next couple of episodes. So, it is going to be either one of them. However, it could also be both of them. Gohan and Piccolo are up against Saonel and Pirina, send I think they’ll do their job pretty well.

Then there are the Androids, who are fighting Universe 2 warriors, and we know for a fact that multiple Universe 2 fighters will be knocked out in Episode 118. It could be all of them as well, we don’t know for sure. So, I think the possibility of Universe 6 and Universe 2 getting eliminated is really high. It is especially harder for Universe 2, since Freeza will also be fighting them, and we know how Freeza is.

Goku, too will play a part in the elimination of Universe 2 warriors. According to spoilers from Episode 118, Freeza will toy with Universe 2 fighters, and just as he’ll try to eliminate them, Goku will knock them all off with a Kamehameha wave, which will enraged Freeza. We don’t know if Freeza will fight Goku over it, but this also means that Goku will be a lot better, and will have recovered a lot stamina in Episode 118. Further, new images for episode 118 of dragon Ball Super was just released.

The episode is about to air, stay tuned for more news and spoilers.

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