New Dragon Ball Game Announced For Mobile


Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super might be ending soon but we have some amazing news from the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball is doing everything in its power to ensure that the fans are kept occupied until a new series is announced. Earlier there was an announcement regarding the movie, which is scheduled for release later this year.

New Dragon Ball Game

I’ll be discussing the details about the movie in the same post. But, first let us go through the news about the new Dragon Ball game. A new Dragon Ball game has been announced. The teaser website for the game is already out. There is also a Twitter account for the new game. Both of these things came out on 5th March.

The details about the game are speculated to come out during mid March. Also, the gameplay footage will be out on 21st March on Niconico. Recently the fans of the franchise received the present of Dragon Ball FighterZ. The game was one highly anticipated games, but recently the hype has died down. It is mainly because of the rage quitters. Well, FighterZ has been trying to solve issue as the game had a massive decrease. It will be worth to see how this new mobile game compares to Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. It is one of the most played games on the Google Playstore.

As I was saying earlier that a new Dragon Ball game will be coming out this year. movie has been announced for this year, with no accurate release date as of yet. Earlier today, it was revealed that the Toei Animation booth at AnimeJapan 2018, will provide some major news about the movie. It is assumed that the news will come out anytime between March 22-25. The focus point of the movie is the Saiyan race. It has been speculated that the movie may be titled, “The Strongest Race In the Universe — Saiyans.” It is going to talk about the Saiyans and focusing on their lives and their beginning. It should be noted that this movie will be a Canon movie as the story is written by Toriyama himself. The designs will also be done by Akira Toriyama.


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