New DBS Episode Confirms Super Saiyan God Goku Is Weaker Than Kafla’s Base Form

dragon ball super episode 114

Today’s Dragon Ball Super episode 114 was indeed awesome. Before we discuss our main topic, let’s take a look at the highlights of today’s episode. The episode was mainly focused on Goku, Caulifla and Kale but we still got to see a little bit of Frieza, Vegeta and Toppo as well.

Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 2 to fight Caulifla SSJ 2 and Kale Berserker Form (under control). Goku had trouble fighting with both of them as he was already exhausted from his battle with Jiren. Frieza offered his help but Goku stopped him and said he wants to battle them himself.

Shortly after that Goku transformed into Super Saiyan God form and even though he was exhausted, he was easily able to overpower both Kale and Caulifla. And he almost eliminated them but they fused using Potara earrings provided by Champa. The new fusion warrior called herself Kafla.

Now back to our main topic, we know that Goku is exhausted but you need to look at the facts that Kafla is yet to power up and according to Vados, the Potara fusion is dozens of times stronger than both warriors combined. Kafla was easily able to overpower Super Saiyan God Goku in her base form without breaking a sweat.

dragon ball super episode 114

In the movie and anime, Super Saiyan God form made Beerus use more than half of his power. We know that Goku is exhausted but still Super Saiyan God form is a form that rivals the Gods.

In short, they made Kale and Caulifla’s fusion so overpowered that it is stronger than Super Saiyan God form.

Next episode, Dragon Ball Super episode 115 is titled, Kale and Caulifla Fused, Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?! In today’s preview we saw that Goku is in Super Saiyan Blue form and Kafla is in Super Saiyan Berserk Form. We will make another post regarding this, make sure to check back again.


DBS 115 Damaged Super Saiyan Blue Photo Leaked And Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super episode 113 was mainly focused on Goku Vs Caulifla and Kale. Despite Goku having less energy, he was still able to overpower them for a while. Dragon Ball Super episode 114 is titled Explosive! Birth of a New Super Warrior. dragon ball super episode 114

Most of us already know that Caulifla and Kale are going to fuse and the fusion warrior Kafla will be born. Kafla is the result of Potara fusion between Caulifla and Kale. In case you don’t know, Potara fusion is stronger than Fusion dance.

db episode 114

Now back to main topic, earlier today one of the preview image from Dragon Ball Super episode 115 was leaked. DBS episode 115 is titled, Caulifla and Kale Fused: Super Saiyan Blue Defeated!?

dbs ep 114

We made a post about Kafla being stronger than or as strong as Super Saiyan God/Blue but there were many fans who said this was not gonna happen, according to the recent spoilers, Goku is cornered by Kafla, he then transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to fight Kafla and Kafla powers up to fight Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

As you can see in Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 leaked Preview image below. Super Saiyan Blue Goku looks more exhausted and more damaged than before. The title I mentioned above is Caulifla and Kale Fused: Super Saiyan Blue Defeated!? And Super Saiyan Blue is in-fact going to be defeated, but of course if Goku was at 100% power, it might be hard for Kafla to beat Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

Don’t forget that Base Vegito was way stronger than Goku SSJ3 and that too in Buu Saga, to fight Super Buu (Gotenks, Ultimate Gohan Piccolo absorbed) Vegito didnt

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  1. I’m still watching Dragon Ball Super dubbed and it’s still at Episode 38, I hope they will release more dubbed episodes. I have been following up the news here and I got something to say about this.

    If a mere mortal fusion can easily overpower Goku’s super saiyan God that made Beerus use half of his power, then I think Beerus was bluffing about his powers.
    I think Beerus must be hiding his true powers.

    I sure do hope Goku wins against Kafla but I want Frieza to win the tournament of power, I really love that guy and I want to see what he will use the super dragon balls for.

    If you should ask me, I think it would be immortality/eternal life just like he wanted to use the Namekian dragon balls for in Dragon Ball Z.


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