As a long-running anime show, Dragon Ball Super has a lot of running gags, official and non-official. One of this is how Krillin gets owned every now and then. He was even owned before he can offer his help to the other Z Fighters. And just like him, the Kienzan or Destructo Disc seem unfortunately caught the gag bug. It never worked, not even once.

It won’t work unless someone that is not Krillin will use it. Even the Saiyan Saga Vegeta nailed it against Oozaru Gohan by cutting its tail using a Destructo Disc. And it is not even charged in a whole episode, unlike Krillin’s Kienzan.

But in the Dragon Ball Super, the Destructo Disc managed to not even make our nostalgia fire up in an instant, but it almost eliminated the Multiverse’s most powerful mortal, Jiren. While at the first glance, Goku seems to have the lower hand, he used the Destructo Disc Hexa Blade to cut the platform where Jiren stands.

Hat it been for the rubbles and Jiren’s ability to imitate flight in the flightless world of Void, Jiren would have been eliminated. This is the moment that we see Jiren being disgruntled. The Final Flash or even the Spirit Bomb cannot even do this. Overall, this episode has shown a lot of things about Jiren.

The new level Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Goku in SSB Kaioken attacks are somehow working against Jiren. We will see more of Jiren’s real strength and Vegeta’s new form in the next episode of DBS. But right now let’s just celebrate how the Destructo Disc finally became a successful technique.



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