Kefla is one of those warriors who brought great impact in the Tournament of Power. She isn’t only the Saiyan who can fight against Ultra Instinct Goku just by using Super Saiyan 2. But, she is also able to give the U7 saiyan a hard time. All in all, and given a longer time, Kefla is one heck of a fighter that can trip God-level fighters, even though she uses standard ki.

And speaking of Saiyans, the Prince of them all received a new form in the latest episode. It’s already an amazing feat, when he somehow managed to land a hit to Jiren with only wearing his Blue form. Although his new form, dubbed as Migatte Blue by fans, is still a neophyte, he can already keep up with SSB Kaioken Goku. But, how powerful is Migatte Blue Vegeta compared to Super Saiyan 2 Kefla?

Super Saiyan 2 Kefla managed to give Goku a hard time, even though Goku is already in his Ultra Instinct mode.Goku just barely dodged Kefla’s Ultra lasers. What would happen if Vegeta is Kefla’s opponent? Since there is no official battle between the two, it’s hard to compare and decide who will be the winner.

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Migatte Vegeta was seen making Jiren deliberately shield his own against Vegeta’s single Ki blast. Which means in terms of raw power, Vegeta is superior to Kefla, even in SSJ2 form. Vegeta will trash Kefla with his attacks, and it will be no problem for him to beat Kefla.

There’s only one problem for you if you’re Vegeta, and that problem is that Kefla is able to use a variety of attack. She won’t have a problem laying an attack to Vegeta. Even before Vegeta can land a solid hit, if he can’t dodge Kefla’s attack, he will lose the battle. So, it’s really up to the maker who would be the winner of this battle. We haven’t seen a lot of Migatte Blue yet. It might be a form that enhances offense or defense. Either way, more of Migatte Blue will give us a hint about who will actially win this death battle.


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