The Tournament of Power is entering its final stage now. Only two Universes remain now, with Universe 3 being the latest to get eliminated from the Tournament of Power. As you all may have guessed right from the beginning, Universe 7, and Universe 11 were the last ones to remain standing in the Tournament. As of now, Universe 7 has 5 members remaining.

On the other hand, Universe 11 has 3 members left. But, they do have Jiren, who is stronger than anyone we’ve seen fighting in the series so far. Universe 7 completely relies on Goku getting his Ultra Instinct back. Unless he does that, there is absolutely no way he can defeat Jiren. Universe 7’s fate depends on Goku once again.

Universe 7 are the underdogs at the moment. However, they really are going to win the Tournament of Power, and that goes without saying. If Universe 7 gets erased, then the series would end right there. The fact that Super is set between Buu Saga and Z’s ending confirms that Universe 7 does indeed survive. So, how will Universe 11 be defeated? I believe they will lose due to their overconfidence.

In the last couple of episodes, we’ve seen them quietly watching on as Goku and Universe 7 took out Universe 3. They’ve had one too many chances to eliminate everyone, but they didn’t take it. Jiren could’ve knocked Goku out right when he lost to him. But he chose not to, believing that there was no way that he was going to lose.

The Pride Troopers are pretty much the same. Because they have Jiren, they don’t worry about losing the Tournament. But unfortunately for them, that same overconfidence a going to be their downfall. Goku is going to make them eat their words, and we saw how mighty Jiren was acting in the previous episode. I don’t know in what manner the Tournament of Power will end.

However, I do know that there is no way Universe 11 will beat Universe 7. Goku has always broken through all the limits, and the same is going to happen here as well. Before the Tournament of Power ends, I’m sure Goku will have mastered Ultra Instinct, and not even Jiren would be able to stop him at that point in time. That’s how Goku has always been, and I’m sure he’ll do it once again.


This Is Why Vegeta Will Not Get Ultra Instinct

You all are probably aware of what Ultra Instinct is, at this point. This power was given to Goku in the Tournament of Power, and it made him powerful enough to compete with Jiren. Ultra Instinct is actually a state of mind that allows a person’s body to move on its own without having to think about it. So, basically even of you’re not looking, your body should be able to both attack, and defend on its own.

This power is pretty common among the Gods with high power, as in all of them know what it is. However, as mentioned by the Gods of Destruction themselves, even for them it is hard to master. The Angels like Whis, or Vados have presumably mastered this technique, and that’s what makes them very powerful. Whis has been teaching Ultra Instinct to both Goku and Vegeta.

In fact, he has taught this technique to Beerus as well. But, Beerus hasn’t mastered it yet. Due to the training with Whis, Goku unlocked Ultra Instinct, and he was able to match up to Jiren. Vegeta on the other hand, hasn’t had much to do in the Tournament of Power in the first place. His first big fight is going to be against Jiren in the next episode, and if you’ve read the spoilers, you know what the result of the fight actually is.

I’m heading into spoiler territory right now, so please continue only if you don’t mind reading spoilers. Vegeta loses to Jiren without even putting up a decent fight, which certainly confirms that he will not be getting Ultra Instinct. Of course, if you ask me, Vegeta should be getting Ultra Instinct here as well. But, he won’t. I only see two reasons possible for this.

The first one is that he thinks too much. Vegeta has a habit of thinking what his next move will be, and how it’ll end up hurting the enemy. This is completely against what Ultra Instinct actually is.

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