Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 had a lot of interesting talking points, and I think I’ve already covered most of them by now. However, one thing that intrigued me, and I haven’t talked about yet is Jiren, and his brief fight with Goku. As you all know, Universe 7 and Universe 11 are the last two remaining Universes in the Tournament of Power.

Jiren and Goku are spearheading their respective Universes, and it is going to take a lot more than just Ultra Instinct for Goku in order to surpass this beast. Universe 11 is a lot more than just Jiren. They have two other powerful characters in Toppo, and Dyspo. However, we all know that Jiren is going to be their trump card. Jiren basically provided an assurance for Belmod.

The only reason why he entered the Tournament of Power was because he was promised the Super Dragon Balls. According to Belmod in the manga, Jiren has a wish which he needs to be fulfilled anyhow. Even if it means going against all his principles, and if you don’t know it already, Jiren is a pacifist. He hates all wars, and would do anything for the sake of peace in Universe 11.

In the latest Dragon Ball Super Episode, Jiren’s wish was brought to light for the first time in the anime. Goku asked Jiren what he wanted, and Jiren answered what he sought was beyond strength. Although Goku was oblivious as ever, fans pretty much understood that Jiren wants something incredible.

I’ve discussed this in the community previously, and I thought that Jiren might want to bring back someone from the dead, maybe even an entire Universe. However, the manner in which he spoke in the previous episode convinced me that I was wrong about that. There are a lot of theories about Jiren and his wish, and some of them are very interesting. But, I don’t think anyone really knows what he wants.

The way Jiren spoke makes me think he wants something that a mortal can never have. Someone that only the Gods have a right to possess. That’s why he said he sought something that was beyond strength. As to what it can be, I don’t really have any ideas. Maybe Jiren wants to eliminate evil from the world, and oversee the peace in all Universes. At this point, it could be anything, and all we can do is speculate. What do you think Jiren’s wish will be?


Grand Priest Just Revealed A Glimpse Of His Powers In The Latest Episode of DBS

Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about the Grand Priest, and his powers. For those of you who don’t know who the Grand Priest is, let me explain. The Grand Priest is the attendant of Zen’ou. He has the same role as the Angels. Only what they do for the Hakaishin, hehe does for Zeno. He is also the father of all other Angels, as it was revealed in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Ever since he was unveiled, fans have been questioning his powers. We haven’t really seen much of him. However, the Dragon Ball manga describes him as the strongest fighter in the Omniverse. Some may say the Zen’ou is the strongest, and while that does hold true, he isn’t really a fighter. This is precisely why needs two guards to stay by his side all the time.

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, we got to see a glimpse of the Grand Priest’s powers. When the Gods of Destruction were fighting before the Tournament of Power, he was able to stop Beerus and Quitela’s punches with just his finger. That’s right! The power of a God of Destruction means nothing to him, and he’s far more powerful than that. A God of Destruction’s power was insignificant in front of him.

He’s also a lot stronger than the Angels, and I bet he outdoes them by a huge margin. In the latest Dragon Ball Super Episode, we got to see another great feat from the Grand Priest. As you know, he had to manipulate the seating area around the arena in order to bring everyone closer to each other.

In order to do this, he showed an immense matter manipulation feat, and manipulated the arena. The scale at which he did it was so immense that even the Angels gasped at the level of the power he possesses.

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