Goku was badass during the Ultra Instinct state. I personally think that Goku literally surpassed all the Gods of Destruction in that moment, even Beerus. But even though Goku became the other mortal that surpasses a God of Destruction, he might not be able to do that again in the Tournament of Power.

Like I said, Goku might not be seen in his Ultra Instinct mode in the Tournament of power. A spur of the moment like that will be hard to replicate the second time. And another thing to consider is Goku’s ability to gather energy again. Even though his teammate is still willing to lend him some energy, his body might not hold down the strain from the transformation if he plans to transform once more.

And besides, even if Goku regained strength to make another Spirit Bomb, I doubt that he will still have the strength to play reverse tug of war against Jiren. That part is very essential, as the bursting of the Spirit Bomb was because of Jiren and Goku’s colliding powers. That’s just how things work in Dragon Ball Super.

I think it is a little bit early for Goku to have the Ultra Instinct form, Gohan doesn’t still have something major happening yet, as well as Vegeta and the Androids. Piccolo is still in the Tournament of Power and he can still be a game changer. Frieza is yet another statement that the Tournament of Power is far from over. What are his plans? Will he betray Goku or will he be an ally? And Ribrianne, when the hell will she be eliminated?

Goku can still achieve this form through training of course. He can possibly achieve the full mastery of this state, but we might not be able to see it. It really depends on what will the result of the Tournament of Power. I just hope that Universe 7 will survive, and we might still see Goku and the rest of Universe 7 improve. Even Master Roshi still got the chance to shine.