So far, there are no confirmed deaths in the Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power. Participants are always finding a means to push their enemies out of bound because killing someone means elimination. But you can’t really take the possibility of death away from a fighting tournament, especially if all the remaining warriors are not only strong but tenacious as well.

But there is one person in the Tournament of Power who is very fudged up when it comes to death. And that person is no other than our most polite villain of Dragon Ball Z, Frieza. We all know that Frieza’s current status is, you know, DEAD. That is why he has this ironic halo hanging above his head.

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If ever he managed to get himself wrecked again, he is as good as erased, even if Universe 7 managed to win the Tournament of Power. People in the Dragon Ball Multiverse can die twice overall, the first one is when they died in the realm known as the living world. They will then be transferred to the other world, where either heaven or hell awaits them. That is why when Dyspo said these words, one of Frieza’s weakness was revealed.

It is not like I am saying that Dyspo can defeat Frieza easily. He hasn’t tasted the poison known as the Golden Frieza. But if it happens that someone will kill Frieza, then all of his efforts in the Tournament of Power will all be for nothing. He’s as good as erased when he died again.

Fortunately, even Jiren is not the type to kill his enemies if not necessary. Toppo can be tricked easily by the likes of Frieza if Frieza tried enough. The chance that Frieza will die is slim, but he can fall off the stage anytime, and soon if Dyspo continues to dominate him.


The Strongest And Oldest God of Destruction – Proofs

The Gods of Destruction are some of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Super world. They are beings who have the power to destroy, even erase planets, or a Universe at will. Beerus was the first God of Destruction we saw in Dragon Ball, and he made his debut back in Battle of Gods. Afterwards, we were introduced to Champa and the concept of a God of Destruction for each Universe came up.

Since then, fans have been arguing who the strongest God of the is. Some say it is Beerus. Others say it can be Quitela, and there are even those who say Belmod is probably the strongest God of Destruction. So, today I wanted to discuss who I think the strongest God or Destruction is, and why I think so. So let’s begin.

I think everyone agrees that Beerus is probably one of the strongest God of Destruction. Even if he may not be at the top, he is very close to it. Quitela is a God of Destruction who we know has beaten Beerus before. However, he only beat him at arm wrestling. It wasn’t something serious. Before the Tournament of Power, the Gods of Destruction had a little fight of their own, and they all fought pretty well.

Quitela Dragon Ball Super
Quitela – Dragon Ball Super

You could see that Beerus was one of the strongest there. He even used Ultra Instinct against the Gods of Destruction, who had a lot of trouble dealing with him. Again, I think Quitela and Belmod impressed us there, but I’m pretty sure that it is Beerus who is the strongest God of Destruction. Beerus has been a God of Destruction for a very long time.

In Dragon Ball Super manga, Belmod commented that he has been a God of Destruction for 267,974 years now, and that he is looking for a successor. Everyone knows that he wants Toppo to succeed since Jiren isn’t interested in being a God of Destruction.

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