Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter, which is chapter 32. There is a lot of interesting stuff that I want to talk about. For those who are manga readers only, this post contains spoilers from DBS Manga Chapter 32. So please continue only if you don’t mind being spoiled.

Let’s begin. Dragon Ball Super manga is getting closer to the Tournament of Power now. Last month, we saw Goku recruiting 17 for the Universe 7 team. This month, we got to see Freeza being recruited, and it looks like the Universe 7 team is now complete. The U7 team left for the Tournament of Power, and there was a little tribute to Bulma’s voice actor Hitomi Tsuru as well. Apart from that, we also got to see Universe 6 Saiyans this time.

Planet Sadala was revealed in this chapter, and we got our first look at Kale, and Caulifla. Cabba fought against Caulifla, and thanks to the power of the Super Saiyan transformation, he was able to body her. Perhaps the most interesting thing that happened during this chapter of Dragon Ball Super is that we got to know the name of the King of Universe 6 Saiyans. Apparently, he’s called King Sadala.

That’s right. It is similar to how King Vegeta was the King of the Saiyans residing in Planet Vegeta. We don’t get to actually see King Sadala, but just his name was mentioned. This chapter wasn’t really any different from the anime. Although, the fight between Goku and Freeza was a little different. Apart from the ‘King Sadala’ reveal, there wasn’t anything else that interested me really.

Caulifla also manages to get a hang of Super Saiyan form in the same chapter, and she finds it very easy to attain. Apparently, she thinks it is down to the fact that she is more talented than the Universe 7 Saiyans. It is really interesting that Toyotaro is giving us a little more detail in each manga chapter. I’m sure that he didn’t reveal King Sadala’s name just like that. Like everyone has been speculating, I think there will an arc in Universe 6.

After the Tournament of Power is over and Universe 6 is restored or merged with Universe 7, I think we’re getting a Planet Sadala arc. It was foreshadowed in the Tournament of Power as well. It would be very interesting to see Vegeta visit that place. We might also meet tons of powerful warriors, and maybe even a new enemy. For now, the Tournament of Power isn’t even close to ending in the manga. It will probably begin within the next couple of chapters, and probably take a year, or two to wrap up.


2 Major Eliminations Confirmed By DBS 125 Spoilers?

Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 spoilers in particular. Before I begin with the post, I want to let you all know that the spoilers in this post are legit, and if you don’t like reading them, then I suggest you stop reading here. However, if you don’t mind being spoiled, then let’s begin.

Episode 123 of Dragon Ball Super aired last Sunday, and we’re getting Episode 124 of DBS on the upcoming Sunday. According to spoilers, the episode will focus on Goku and Vegeta’s fight against Jiren. While they hit hard, Jiren powers up even more. Meanwhile, the others are fighting hard as well. Gohan will be assisting Freeza in the fight against Dyspo. Meanwhile, Toppo will be fighting against 17.

Episode 125 is a lot more interesting, because it will see Toppo gain a power up, according to the spoilers. Toppo will be fighting against Freeza, and 17. Both of them are very powerful. As expected, they will succeed in cornering Toppo. However, as it seems there is no way out, something happens to Toppo. I’m sure that he is getting closer, and closer to the God of Destruction level.

During Episode 125, he will finally unleash all his powers. But, there’s something that I’m really curious about. Episode 125 has nothing to say about Gohan, or Dyspo. It is also strange that Freeza is fighting against Toppo all of a sudden. He was fighting against Dyspo, and suddenly he moves his target. This is a little too weird to me. Furthermore, Gohan went to assist Freeza.

There is no way that Freeza would’ve left Toppo just to Gohan. At this point, there are lots of ways I see this going. One of them is the elimination of both Gohan, and Dyspo. It seems like Gohan sacrificed himself in order to take down Dyspo, and Freeza did the job.

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  1. Have anyone ever wondered why vegeta said the saiyan line must continue…. I think he will get some saiyans from U6 to repopulate a planet in U7…


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