We are all used to the scenes of Kale being the weak and whiny girl that always follow Caulifla. She always put a worried face whenever she’s not on a battle during her stay in the Tournament of Power. Although she was also seen as the fierce Legendary Super Saiyan, we see her more in this way:

There are times when she was looking more confident without transforming into a Legendary Super Saiyan, like the picture below. But those moments were rarer than Goku being romantic to his wife. But all changed when Dragon Ball Super manga finally introduced Kale and Caulifla. They even gave Kale a cool hoodie.

Kale helped Caulifla and the others ambush a car from the Sadla Army. Her appearance and reaction are quite different from the anime. In the manga, she is more stoic and got a cool hoodie. Not only that, she was given a new ability that can change how the Tournament of Power will turn out.

Kale is also the one with the impulse to protect her sis, not the other way around. She crushed the gun of a Sadla warrior who planned to aim it to an unsuspecting Caulifla. And the soldier was not even aware of what Kale did. Kale got a new ability, it is either she is so fast or she actually gets “stealth”.

The first option that she is faster is more probable. She’s one of Caulifla’s team so it means that she trained with them too. But being able to rob something from a Super Saiyan Cabba without him noticing suggests that she actually got stealth. This happened right after Super Saiyan Cabba just beat the hell out of Caulifla.

This makes Tournament of Power more interesting than before. Imagine Kefla being able to use stealth and surprise Goku. Even Ultra Instinct Goku had a hard time-fighting Super Saiyan 2 Kefla. Who knows what would happen if Kefla’s fighting is more complicated?


Dragon Ball Super 127 Official Spoilers Are Out

Hey guys. We have the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super episode 127 and they are pretty awesome. So as you know this post is a spoiler post, you will be getting spoiled and if you don’t want that to happen, I suggest turning back now. So anyway I’ll start with the spoilers. The title of the episode is “A Looming Obstacle! Pinning Hope On The Final Barrier.”

The title of the episode was revealed a while back now. The episode will be airing on February 11th. As the title suggests that the focus of this episode is going to be Android 17. It gives the confirmation that Android 17 is in the Tournament until episode 127. In the episode, Android 17 will be giving everything that he has got to save his Universe from getting erased.

The injured Android 17 helps out Vegeta and Gokū as they still try to over power Jiren. Jiren’s monstrous strength is too much for them to handle. It just serious makes you ponder how Jiren can be defeated. Anyway moving on, Android 17 seems to have a strategy to bring down Jiren with the help of Vegeta and Goku.

It seems like an interesting plan because Jiren is one of those people who hardly have any openings. Android 17

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